Kris Jenner Disgusted – Rob Kardashian Headed To Rehab

Kris Jenner Disgusted - Rob Kardashian Headed To Rehab

Kris Jenner wants wayward son Rob Kardashian, the loser in the family of financial winners, to get his fat drunken butt to rehab! Rob has had a really rough few months. Back in December his girlfriend of a year, Rita Ora dumped him like a bad habit and after a Twitter war between the two, Rob decided to pick up a bit of gluttonous behavior. He has gained 40 pounds and reportedly drinks like a fish. You know that guy that just gets sloppy, falling down, incoherent wasted? Well according to those close to the reality star, that’s Rob.

According to the April 8th print edition of Star Magazine, Rob’s momager, Kris Jenner is leaning on him hard, pushing him to get some help. The whole Kardashian family is said to be really worried about Rob and think that he needs a trip to rehab to help him deal with the messy split that has sent him off the deep end. Rita has said that she never considered Rob to be her boyfriend and supposedly that comment hurt him more than anything else.

Kris Jenner Disgusted - Rob Kardashian Headed To Rehab

Kris is also rumored to be pissed off because Rob doesn’t seem to care about his sock line at all and is blowing off meetings and ignoring everything business-related. She’s afraid that the deals that she has put in place for Rob will fall apart if he doesn’t get it together soon. I’m sure Kris is more worried about business than Rob’s well-being.  She consistently sacrifices her family in favor of making money. Perhaps that’s the biggest reason why the entire Kardashian clan is such a mess.

Do you think Rob will willingly get some help? Is he there yet or is he too busy numbing himself to care about sobriety yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kris Jenner Disgusted - Rob Kardashian Headed To Rehab

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  • rawr

    losers, all of them. hope hell hits them hard.

    • Jeff

      They’re losers, but you’re the one who takes time out of your day to sit on your fat butt hiding behind a computer only to comment negatively about them when you could be doing something else in your life? Yeah that sure sounds accurate.

  • Joybear (I<3YouNea)

    The whole family needs help. They are all a narrasictic mess.