Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian Came to Blows Over Release of Kendall Jenner’s Recent Nipple Pic (PHOTO)

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian Came to Blows Over Release of Kendall Jenner's Recent Nipple Pic (PHOTO)

Just because Kim Kardashian got her start from flashing her body parts doesn’t mean she wants little sis Kendall Jenner to follow in her footsteps. Apparently, after Kendall released her sensual nipple pic (just days after turning 18) on Instagram, Kim let Kris Jenner have it. Sources say that Kim was furious about Kendall’s portrait but what had the reality TV star even more furious was the fact that her mother authorized it/allowed it to happen — because you know darn good and well she had a hand in the photo’s release.

A supposed family source tells National Enquirer, “Kim confronted Kris on the phone, telling her she shouldn’t have allowed Kendall to expose her breasts to the world just days after she turned 18.” The magazine elaborates: “Kris, furious at Kim’s belittling manner, quickly reminded her she got her career started with a sex tape!”

Kris supposedly told Kim that she has no right to judge her. Momagers know best! It’s hard to say if this conversation ever took place or, if it did, how much is being blown out of proportion. I actually do believe that Kim would’ve said something to her mother after the picture’s release, as Kim has always been quite protective and nurturing when it comes to Kylie and Kendall, but I’m not so sure that she would’ve chastised her to the extreme in which this mag reports.

What do you think? Do you think Kim K totally lost it on Kris? Leave your glorious thoughts in the comments below and we shall reward you with imaginary candy canes.

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7 responses to “Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian Came to Blows Over Release of Kendall Jenner’s Recent Nipple Pic (PHOTO)”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    If anything, Kimmode threw a hissy fit because she’s jealous of the attention the much younger Kendall is taking away from her!

  2. kellywelly says:

    Kim is in her 30s now. Thats like 60 in hollywood years. All tho the world is ready, not so sure kim is ready to pass the torch to her younger(and far more beautiful) sister. Hahahaha

  3. Lisa says:

    Kendall posted it, she was raised that its ok

  4. bohomoth says:

    you’d think Kim’d be flattered Kendall’s following her tawdry career path

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  6. 1030 says:

    I think Kim is jealous but at the same time has right to do so…and then Kris wonders why her kids talk to her the way they do…cuz she allows them and doesn’t care for them…if I had a Lil sister I would of don’t the same come on many times when Kim had started off she didn’t do so many photoshoots for the way that she didn’t like nude pic of her I. Public and what did Kris do she took Kim to playboy mission and not just that but convinced her to take a nude pic with beads I mean she has the body and all why not but that’s her mom she should want her daughter covered not nude…she takes her role of manager more serious then the mother role and I think that’s sad…I have always hated seeing Kris on that shoes…she gorgeous and all but such a bad example to her kids and yet she had a pic poster pic of herself almost nude with a flag covering her parts…so still bad parent…..this is why she ain’t with her husband all the time anymore…idk if their still married but this is my opinion…