Kris Jenner’s Sex Tape Features Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father: Rumor or PR?

Kris Jenner's Sex Tape Features Khloe Kardashian's Real Father: Rumor or PR?

Kris Jenner seems to be trying to hold on to the last vestige of her fame and power by leaking sex tape rumors all over the Internet. The National Enquirer recently reported that Kris was trying to ‘hide’ a secret sex tape, adding, Insiders believe the mastermind of the Kardashian empire may have been caught on video during the 1980s, when she and her late husband Robert lived a wild lifestyle. The incredible sex tape could now, after all these years, hit the market because of her huge success and threaten her estimated $75 million fortune.”

Um…. ok. Firstly, calling the sex tape ‘incredible’ might be pushing it a little. Secondly, Kris Jenner has been famous for a long, long time [as much as we hate to admit it], so why would the perpetrator have waited this long to release this so-called ‘incredible’ sex tape? Thirdly, the source told the Enquirer that they ‘overheard’ Robert Kardashian telling OJ Simpson about this sex tape – yeah, the Robert Kardashian that hasn’t been alive in over ten years and the OJ Simpson that’s been in jail for nearly that long. I wonder why this source waited this long to come up and tell the National Enquirer, of all people, what they ‘overheard’.


Look, we know Kris Jenner is not above planting news for attention when she feels like she could do with a publicity boost, and the National Enquirer is certainly low-level enough to go with even the most unreliable and untested source. Kris probably sent her lackey with this ridiculous tale and told them to tell it to whoever would listen. Unfortunately, sites like Gossip Cop keep getting baited into posting about it and thus driving news up about Kris and the rest of her family.

Another thing that’s interesting to note about this article is that Kris has been trying to push this whole sex tape thing on us for a while now. It seems like she’s trying to follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, thinking, ‘Hey, it worked for my daughter, so why won’t it work for me?’ The sad truth is, it probably would, because it seems we live in a society that is a willing proponent of making people more famous simply because they have a sex tape out on the market.


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  • parischic

    between the false pregnancy ..
    E’ lying about kanye at the premiere ..
    kanye s’ contract with the ‘beard ‘..
    which he is trying to break …
    his true love richard &
    most of all their dislikeable , slandering ,
    thievin’ lifestyle ..
    it would be logical to say their 15 minutes is long overdue ..
    they are true ‘filth’ …are shunned ..
    everybody hates them , disrespects them and at best laughs at them …

  • earsucker

    I cannot wait to find out if she did a sex tape with Alex…that would be freakin’ hilarious.

  • Pamela

    Does the drama ever end with the Kardashians? It would be insanely disgusting if this was true, but would we be surprised? Nah.

  • I can’t imagine ANYONE would want to see this sex tape! eww!!