Kris Jenner Offers A Chance To Meet North West, Be Kardashian For A Day While Promoting Show

Kris Jenner Offers A Chance To Meet North West, Be Kardashian For A Day While Promoting Show 0626

Do you want to be a Kardashian for a day? If that means I have to get herpes, make a sex tape, tear at my scalp with nasty hair extensions and glob a pound of make-up on my face then I’m so out. Even I have limits. But if I can bypass that and just grab some money for nothing then I might be interested.

But that’s what Kris Jenner’s offering in the new promotions for her talk show set to debut July 15. The momanager took to Youtube to entice fans with the prize. “In celebration of that I’m inviting you guys to submit a video to enter a contest to be a Kardashian-Jenner for the day. I’m excited because the winner gets 5,000 worth of seed money for your own entrepreneurial project, a $1000 gift certificate shopping day at DASH and tickets to the Kris Jenner Show. So what’s not to love?”

Oh boy, where to start?

Also included is the opportunity to shadow Kris for the day along with a spa visit and a chance to possibly meet her thrilling daughters. So if Kim Kardashian is thrown in there does that mean North West will make an appearance? There are rumors that the newest Kardashian grandchild will work her ass off to keep grandma’s show on the air. If ratings are down and stay down I have a feeling that little directionally gifted tyke will make her reality show debut earlier than expected. Kanye West will have to suck it on that one. Resisting pimping out your child is a nice idea but Kardashians throw all morals out the window when going off the air is at stake. North West will have to step up and Kanye will have to step aside. Hasn’t he already said he’s gone on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for love? I’m sure North loves her grandma and the trust fund she’ll leave behind!

What do you think? Will we see North on the Kris Jenner talk show? Is it only a matter of time?


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