Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Planning Road Trip To Save Relationship

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Planning Road Trip To Save Relationship 0327

Junk food, dirty sheets, sporadic showers and lack of change of clothes? Sounds like paradise for these two. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going on the road! The totally together couple are keeping the romance alive by planning a road trip through Europe this summer with friends.

“Rob has been planning the trip for a while.Before they got back together he intended to go to Italy, France and Germany if time allows. They will have a group of friends on the same trip — and they have asked their mutual pal Katy Perry to meet up along the way. She has been there for both of them during difficult times,” a source told The Sun.

Slap me silly but I actually believe this story. I remember an interview Kristen did a few years ago where she said she’s always wanted to do it but never had the time because of all the Twilight movies. Now that Rob’s done down under they might have a window before she has to go back to work. And she just got done promoting On the Road and if that book does anything it makes you want to get off your ass.

I wonder when they’ll go. Do you know what’s coming up? The one-year anniversary of the Rupert Sanders mini-coopering incident! I can’t believe they made it through. This little road trip has to be some sort of celebration of that. Ya, their friends are along for the ride but these two seem to really enjoy bringing friends along to hang out. Katy Perry’s pretty random for me but I could see her joining. After John Mayer she probably needs it.

But Robert Pattinson… camper? That’s a stretch for me. I’d have to see it. Does he seem like the outdoorsy kind of guy? Can he start a fire without matches? I’d really like to know. The hotness factor would definitely improve.

Do you think the close quarters will help or hinder during the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart road trip? It depends on how long, right? I could do a couple weeks but any more than that I’d be screaming for my own bathroom again!


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