Kristen Stewart Breaks Up With Robert Pattinson Over His Australian Cheating and Resentment

Kristen Stewart Breaks Up With Robert Pattinson Over HIS Australian Cheating and Resentment

Kristen Stewart is planning to end her relationship to Robert Pattinson, following the cheating allegations we exclusively broke to you earlier this week. The actor has been filming his new movie The Rover in Australia for a couple of weeks now, but during his time off from the set, Rob seemed to have focused more interest in getting hot blondes back to his place than to let Kristen know what he was up to.

Stewart seems to be aware that her romance to Pattinson couldn’t be saved after cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders; the two got back together just one month before the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in November, but sources explain that ever since K-Stew did the unexpected move to have an affair with a married man when she knew Robert was so in love with her – they had already discussed marriage – he just hasn’t been able to get over it.

Kristen strongly believes that Robert has been cheating on her in Australia- the lack of phone calls and the constant pictures of him with new women utterly breaks her heart so much that she’d rather let him go and live his life than be with someone he can no longer love her the way he used to. He’d be cheating himself to stay in a relationship he knew wouldn’t work anymore. Kristen Stewart is planning to end her rekindled romance with Robert Pattinson, as she believes he is no longer committed to dating her, a source close to the actress tells RadarOnline via Earsucker.

According to Radar, Rob has been trying to get over the fact that his longtime girlfriend had cheated on him, but every time he sees her, he’s reminded of the “mistake” she did over the summer with Rupert. With him being in Australia has made him realize that there’s far more out there in the world than just Kristen – the two are both still very young and have only really ever had one serious relationship, which just happens to have been each other. It’s fair to say that their five year romance has finally come to and end as a close source added:

“Rob’s tried so hard to forgive, but it seems he just can’t forget what Kristen did to him and how she publicly shamed him. When he flew to Australia to start work on The Rover their relationship was pretty much in the air. I think the only reason they got back together in the first place was because all they really know is each other. But now, Rob seems to be having second thoughts and wondering if it’s all really worth it — and Kristen totally gets that. She was initially annoyed that he wasn’t giving it his all, but she realizes that it’s difficult for him to get over her cheating. Kristen thinks the only thing she can do is just give it up as it’s not working. She’s now planning the best way to implicate the breakup.”

Sad – but we’ve known about this all along!

Editor’s Note: Does Radar mean ‘initiate’ rather than implicate in the above quote?  All Kristen needs to do is sleep with another married man and get caught on camera.  That should pretty well provide a coup de grace for their fake relationship.

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