Kristen Stewart Jealous Of Jennifer Lawrence, Calls Her Career Thief!

Kristen Stewart Jealous Of Jennifer Lawrence, Calls Her Career Thief!

Movie fans can’t help but compare the Twilight films to The Hunger Games trilogy—even though they have nothing in common! As you know, Twilight is about sexy vampires, and The Hunger Games tells the story of revolution in a futuristic dystopia. Unless the movie writers end the Hunger Games with a surprise ending in which a secret band of vampires saves humanity, I don’t see how Kristen Stewart can justify hating on Jennifer Lawrence so much! The soon-to-be washed up Twilight star seems to be having a mid life crisis: her reputation is in the gutter, her relationship with Robert Pattinson is hanging by a thread, and her industry credibility is evaporating! What’s a girl to do, but try to refresh her image by comparing herself to one of the hottest young stars?

Kristen’s feeling very sorry for herself,” an insider told National Enquirer, print edition February 4, 2013. “With the awards season underway, it’s hit her just how much her leading lady status has plummeted.” Now, she stands in the shadow of adorable, super talented, scandal-free Jennifer Lawrence, who is starring in the new film series that is filling the void left by Twilight. “Seeing Jennifer Lawrence being worshiped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globe, and getting nominated for Oscars has really gotten to her.” Many predict that Kristen’s Twilight success won’t strike twice, and she’ll be forever trying to top her own vampire success.

Kristen thinks that Jennifer has “come out of nowhere” and is stealing “the adulation that Kristen used to dream about.” That’s not to say that Kristen’s fans have disappeared, but they have nothing positive to celebrate—what are they going to do, be excited that cheating Kristen has officially destroyed a marriage, now that Liberty Ross has filed for divorce? Gush about how brave she was to do a topless scene that didn’t seem to contribute anything to the plot of the movie? It seems like Kristen’s days in the sun are over; movie and book lovers alike now have Jennifer to look up to! Who do you prefer? Are Kristen and Jennifer at all comparable?

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  • thatguy310

    Journalism is really dirty and have nothing to do than come up with fake drama. I call bs because my insider told me they get along pretty well.

  • PRsten

    Kristen is a homewrecker and can’t act. She has the same disgusting expression in every movie. She is jealous because people hate her. Jennifer is perfect and a great actress.

  • in entertainment business… one should be cautioned that your every move will reflect on how people esp. your fans or your peers react to everything you do… but of course excelling in your craft is very important … jennifer lawrence is a good actress.