Kristen Stewart Laughs at Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders’ Divorce: Heartless Trampire!

Kristen Stewart Laughs at Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders' Divorce: Heartless Trampire!

Conspiracy theorists like to suggest that Liberty Ross staged the whole Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders affair as a way to boost her own career, but we don’t think she would be so manipulative—especially when the happiness of her children was at stake! The 34-year-old mother of two has finally called it quits on her doomed marriage, and filed for divorce. It’s been six months since word of the affair broke, and we’re wondering what took her so long! She obviously didn’t convince herself Rupert would change.

A new report by inTouch Magazine, print edition February 11, 2013, claims that she and Rupert “attended marriage counseling” prior to filing divorce papers, but it seems that even professional help couldn’t fix what was already so broken. By trying to save her marriage, Liberty established herself as a caring mother who, despite personal heartache, wanted to do what was best for her children, who are 7 and 5.

Liberty went so far as to insist they spend the holidays as a family, but the family time couldn’t undo Rupert’s crimes. The cheating dad has been silent since news broke, and Kristen has been disgustingly unapologetic about her role in breaking up a family. Sure, she could take the LeAnn Rimes approach to adultery and claim that only Rupert or Liberty could break their marriage, but that’s the cheap way out! As Brandi Glanville said to one of Eddie Cibrian’s many girlfriends: “It shouldn’t have been you.”

Kristen should be sick with guilt over this—if Rupert was going to cheat, it shouldn’t have been with her! Not only did she hurt her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, her actions, when combined with Rupert’s, tore a family apart. We hope Liberty gets a fair settlement, and can teach her kids to be better adults than their father and his mistress! Who do you think is to blame in this? Could Liberty have tried harder to save her marriage, or do you think she waited too long to divorce Rupert?

Editor’s Note: Slut-shaming? No way.  Kristen helped creepy Rupert break his marriage vows to gullible Liberty – all the while the Trampire pretended to be Liberty’s friend!  This has nothing to do with Kristen being a slut – is she a slut?  Who can distinguish in today’s Hollywood?  This has to do with Kristen being a LOUSY PERSON.  How do you determine if a person is lousy – watch what they do.  Yes, Kristen has been judged and found wanting.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Rembrandt van Rijn

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  • I think Kirsten must be a very odd type of person-maybe all 3 are. She’s in way over her head , and prolly just acted on impulse. Those pics of Rupert groping her don’t show a very happy face to me-more like a young girl on a first date with a frat boy. I’m afraid this could get very ugly before it’s over. O, and Mr Bad Boy, pick up the tab for BOTH lawyers,you cheap SOB!

  • Jan H

    before writing all this garbage her regarding Kristen. I strongly suggest you do your research and find that Rupert (dear) was giving his wife grief a lot over in England LONG before KS came into the picture Ross is a smart cookie and is playing this agaist KS to be trashed yet again big time. Whenever she wants attention, something comes up. She has been dating, so who knows, maybe she has a hot one on line. KS would NOT have cheated had she not had a reason…And that works both ways.

  • ap

    Kristen is just plain immature and stupid.wondering if she even realized that what she was doing is morally wrong and hurtful to Rob,Liberty and the children.of coure Rupert is a slime cheating on his wife .probably they were thinking they wouldnt get caught and that would make it worse if that the real deal between the two of them.thats proven that she is very untrustworthy and dishonest if everything was just a simple game of cheating.why getting back at Rob is she is not even sure of her feelings for him.a little bit of attention from Rupert,she cave in and so willing hurt Rob and their relationship.