Kristen Stewart Agrees To Meet Liberty Ross And Explain Why She Cheated With Rupert Sanders – Report

Kristen Stewart Agrees To Meet Liberty Ross And Explain Why She Cheated With Rupert Sanders - Report

Kristen Stewart is preparing to meet Liberty Ross – place your bets here for who you think will win the biggest Celebrity Death Match in human history! (If you don’t know who Ross is, you’re a sad person. She is Rupert Sanders’ wife – the man K-Stew had an affair with in the middle of last year). Before you go all maudlin on us, K-Stew wasn’t the one who initiated the idea of a meeting; it was Ross. She wants to get closure, you know? We would too, especially when our husband cheats on us with a bimbo.

According to Now magazine, “A source says: ‘Liberty wants answers. She requested a meeting months ago and it looks like it’ll happen next month in LA.” We’re glad to hear that, but we can only imagine how awkward and nerve-wracking that meeting will be. K-Stew will most probably pop her breasts and suck on her sad, dry mouth, while Ross will be all elegant and mature. The source adds, “Liberty wants to know when it started and when Rupert last tried to contact her. She’s also got awkward questions about exactly what they did together because she’s still struggling to trust Rupert.

Why the sudden meeting though? Why the sudden urge to speak to the She-Devil? Well, according to a source for Now, “She and Rupert have been going to marriage counseling to try to save things. She wants to put the past behind her.” And what a past that is…

Throughout the sordid affair, Ross never once spoke about it publicly, but she did, however, stab K-Stew in the cold, dead heart every now and then. According to Now, “She posted a cartoon of a drunk Snow White on Instagram, captioned: ‘Not so pretty or pure after all.


This is sure to be one of the scariest meetings of K-Stew’s life. Be prepared for a throw down of epic proportions. Whose side are you on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Davro

    Bimbo? She-Devil? Cold Dead Heart?

    Bullying a young woman who is trying desperately to get out of the darkest point in her life, just to get more blog hits makes the people vomiting these one sided stories more cold and dead hearted than Kristen has ever been. Only people who are jealous would believe such rubbish, surely?

    How about some words channeling how the sly, smug(slug), pervert that is Rupert Sanders, used his authority to manipulate someone into cheating? I doubt this is the first or last time he has abused his power. How many young staff has he boned while on his colossal power trip, forgetting all about his wife and family at home? Now that he’s caught and running back to his wife with his head down and tale between his legs, power trip over until Liberty forgives him and he starts it all over again.
    Surely everyone finds this story easier to believe? Jealousy aside! He is a good director tho.

  • O, pleez, let the stnik die.

  • Nicola Gossips

    Why on earth are they starting up with this again? We finally forgot about this.

  • Maybe thats why Rob’s so mad and it could be what they are fighting about, why bring this up now, why would the wife want to talk to Kristen, I bit it’s so she can find out who started it, him or Kristen, I would say no Kristen, tell her to decide for herself, she’s a grown woman, this is so stupid.

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