Kristen Stewart Promises Robert Pattinson Loyalty If He Admits To Being Her Boyfriend

Kristen Stewart Promises Robert Pattinson Loyalty If He Admits To Being Her Boyfriend

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are banging. I think we can all agree on that? But there’s a reason that they’re both keeping it on the down low, and it’s not just because they hate the publicity. Rob’s image took a big hit when he got back together with Kristen after the cheating scandal went public and humiliated him. But eventually, the two broke up for good, citing issues that never went away. One of these issues is obviously that of trust, considering Kristen was regularly cheating on Rob with Rupert Sanders, despite her calling it a one-time tryst.

So now that they’re banging again, we can say two things: 1) Rob is spineless. 2) Rob is whipped. I kid, I kid. Except, not really. Rob and Kristen dated for a very, very long time – almost decades in Hollywood celebrity years. And when you’re together for that amount of time and you go through that level of whirlwind fame together, it’s hard to get over your feelings. It’s like a very serious relationship, intensified by a thousand. So while most people can understand Rob’s decision to go back to Kristen, it’s still a blow to his public image.

Kristen Stewart Promises Robert Pattinson Loyalty If He Admits To Being Her Boyfriend

And Kristen knows that. She knows there’s a reason that Rob’s team is trying their best to make it look like Rob’s still dating Dylan Penn, even though he was seen leaving Kristen’s house. And she wants Rob back. She hasn’t dated anyone seriously since the breakup, even though Rob has gone from one woman to another to another. So can she get Rob to trust her again? Our sources say that Kristen has promised Rob that she’ll never speak to or hear from Rupert Sanders again if he takes her back, and if he agrees to be her public and full-time boyfriend again. Right now, they’re more friends/exes with benefits, but Kristen reportedly wants more. She’s reportedly telling Rob to just give her one more chance to prove that she’s changed.

What do you guys think? Will Rob and Kristen go public with their relationship again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

8 responses to “Kristen Stewart Promises Robert Pattinson Loyalty If He Admits To Being Her Boyfriend”

  1. Pamela says:

    She shouldn’t have met Sanders

  2. T says:

    Bullshit story

  3. Robstens dead and gone says:

    there is absolutely NO evidence that Rob & Sten are even talking let alone resurrecting Robsten. Everyone knows that Sten set up the fake Robsten sighting and that it was Alanah driving the silver jeep as a diversion for the Liberty Ross interview. Sten is desperate, she knows without Rob she is completely irrelevant. She hasn’t changed if anything she’s just got worse and I doubt Rob would be foolish enough to go back to being her doormat…It’s about time gossip sites stop pandering to the Robsten shippers, they don’t need any more encouragement they are nasty and insane enough without false reports to give them false hope. Robsten is dead and buried and its corpse needs to stay that way.
    Anyway doesn’t Sten bat for the other team now? Everything about her suggests that she’s more into Alanah and Alicia than she is into Rob.
    Isn’t it time that the tabloids start concentrating on the love triangle she has going on with those shemales she is constantly photographed with? It’s a more realistic story than Robsten is reunited…

  4. distachio says:

    Oh, come on. How do you know she was “regularly” cheating on him with Sanders? Were you a fly on their wall? The only people who really know exactly what happened are the ones involved, and they’re certainly not telling. No one even really knows if they actually are “back together” or if the whole “reunion” is just a rumor floated by Summit Entertainment to stimulate sales of the the just-released “Twilight Forever” DVD set.

    For the entire time they were together there were rumors that he had been cheating on her, that they had an “open” relationship, that they were both gay and bearding for each other, that the whole relationship was a fake publicity-match from the get-go. Whatever. Their lives are their lives. Live your own.

  5. […] She’s trying hard to get him back, win him back, and is doing everything she can to prove she’s a different person than the girl who cheated on him in the past. According to Hollywood Life, Robert’s sisters just won’t stop suggesting (or rather insisting) that he stop seeing Kristen. They understand how much pain she caused him all those months ago and are encouraging him to explore his other options. Basically, they want him to date anyone else but Kristen. […]

  6. […] together? Apparently, Kristen’s not willing to take the risk; sources add that she’s given Rob an ultimatum: either publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend, or she’ll find another boyfriend […]