Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Will NEVER Get Back Together – Kristen Prefers Women (VIDEO – PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Will NEVER Get Back Together - Kristen Prefers Women (VIDEO - PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart was all smiles in a recently snapped photo taken by a devoted trampire drone, uh, I mean fan, while gassing up her beat up blue pickup in L.A. In an effort to solidify her hipster, I’m-so-above-Hollywood-persona, everyone’s favorite dead eyed actress, and I use that term loosely, gave her signature thumbs up pose complete with a toothy grin, greasy hair and oversized black framed glasses. Can someone from her team of PR people and stylists please tell poor K Stew that she isn’t in Brooklyn?

The happy-go-lucky girl in this photo is a far cry from the lovelorn starlet, crying into her pillow over her break up with Robert Pattinson. Then again, she did set herself up to be publicly photographed “cheating” with a married man, which conveniently drew attention to a money hungry, mediocre movie franchise and the careers and projects of all the people involved, as well as giving Rob and Kristen the perfect fake relationship out. Sorry Bella and Edward forever fans, but it’s time to face the cold hard truth – Robsten was created to promote the franchise; Kristen and Rob were more buddies than lovers. Didn’t you guys see the movies? There was more chemistry between a wolf and a creepy CGI baby than there was between Rob and Kristen!

Hollywood Life is reporting that Kristen is all smiles because of a planned reunion with Rob, who would apparently use any excuse, in this case their dogs Bear and Bernie, to see her again. Right, Rob is just pining away for Kristen. Rob’s been, literally, bouncing from hot chick to hot chick and partying like a rock star now that he isn’t contractually bound to Twilight and Kristen! He sure sounds depressed and desperate to reconcile! Isn’t it funny that in the years Rob and Kristen were supposedly dating, there were hardly any photos of the two together, but since their official “break up” in May, Rob, has been photographed being cozy with countless girls?!

Kristen, it’s time to come clean or maybe just come out of the closet. Stop pretending to be someone you aren’t. Channel your inner Joan Jett and stop hiding behind Jodie Foster. Do we have to bring up the Breaking Dawn interview when Shawn Edwards asks you who your first celebrity crush was and you answered Natalie Portman? You’ve got a huge LGBT following, and it isn’t because of your acting ability or your keen sense of style.