Kristen Stewart’s New Boyfriend, Jared Leto, Tweets “Love” Message

Kristen Stewart’s New Boyfriend, Jared Leto, Tweets "Love" Message

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are bearing the brunt of another batch of rumors about the status of their relationship ever since she cheated with married director, Rupert Sanders. They didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together and depending on who you believe, she was “bombarding” him with phone calls when she should’ve been thanking him for flowers he didn’t send. He was apparently playing phone tag with the other side of the quadrangle, Liberty Ross.   If Robert is truly ready to make things official on Facebook and declare himself single, Twitter just may have found Kristen’s rebound.

Jared Leto, who will forever be the original brooding hero, Jordan Catalano, let his affection be known for Kristen. He was asked what he thought about the actress and he simply replied, “Love”.  That’s not exactly the love letter or deep prose that the lead singer for 30 Seconds To Mars could’ve sent, but he could be saving his best lines for the first date.

Jared might’ve been expressing a simple admiration for her but Kristen should still take the jump back into the dating pool. Bella and Edward may be living happily ever after, but fairy tales only exist in Disney movies and melodramatic franchises. Kristen is a pretty young thing and even if she hadn’t cheated on Rob, it’s hard enough to maintain a relationship without a million prying eyes looking to exploit mistakes as entertainment.

But Kristen did cheat and Robert has publicly forgiven her. Their love story continues for all the Twi-hards to gloat, but pictures don’t lie. Kristen and Robert aren’t exactly award winning actors but a genuine smile should not be so difficult for trained actors. If they are truly saving face until a break up can be announced, they could put more effort into being convincing.  Granted, Kristen is the moody type, but her grins in those leaked photos of her and Rupert were more authentic than any staged photo op.  When you don’t have to fake it, things usually do come across as more natural.


Kristen Stewart’s New Boyfriend, Jared Leto, Tweets "Love" Message

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  1. Noemi. says:

    THIS is exaggeration to it’s fullest! First of all, everybody knows that Jared stopped dating women several years ago. Second, if your argumentation was considerable, Mr. Leto would also have to date Hayley Williams of Paramore as well as Lady Gaga. Stop spreading sh*t around the web, I beg you.