Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell: Soap Divas Battle in Real Life War

Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell: Soap Divas Battle in Real Life War

If you’re a Days of Our Lives fan, or have been at any point over the last 20 years then you no doubt are familiar with Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell. They have portrayed Hope Brady and Dr. Carly Manning on and off for years and both ladies are entrenched in the history of the show. Their characters have spent years fighting over the same man and it has long been rumored that they aren’t exactly pals in real life.

In 2011 there was a heated behind the scenes battle between Kristian and Crystal over storyline and it came down to even producers feeling that they had to pick sides. Kristian had Executive Producer Ken Corday in her pocket and he went so far as to blame Crystal for the shows rating slumped. She was fired because the powers-that-be believed they would do better without her. Ironically 6 months later Crystal actually beat out Kristian for the award for Best Soap Actress, an honor chosen by the fans so clearly they wanted to see more of Crystal onscreen, not less.

Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell: Soap Divas Battle in Real Life War

According to the April 1st print edition of GLOBE, Crystal rebounded by creating and producing her own internet-based soap and she also recently penned a book entitled The Perfect Art of Imperfection: My Life So Far. In its pages she dares to explain all of the details on her exit from DOOL because she felt like the scapegoat and fall guy in the situation. She says, “I felt unfairly targeted. I felt bullied. I felt as if showing up on time, lines learned and ready to work…counted for nothing.”

It seems her words are sure counting for a lot now and weighing very heavily on Kristian. She doesn’t like the way Crystal has depicted her and is now contemplating writing a tell-all book of her own! Obviously Crystal knew that spilling the beans would get a reaction. Do you think her main intention was to make Kristian look like a spoiled and evil woman? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I side with CC on this topic. I have no issue with her explaining her side of the story. As for this “weighing very heavily” on KA, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it! I’m still at a loss as to why TPTB would cower to a mediocre actress for fear of losing fans, when fans want to see Emmy caliber actors performing Emmy winning story lines. DOOL is sooo bad for not utilizing the Emmy talent they have or had (CC, Judi Evans, Suzanne Rogers to name a few). They let a 2-time Emmy winner slip thru their fingers. So I have to laugh when they came crawling back to CC begging for her to return and she gave them the ole, Thanks But No Thanks reply.

    • Sara

      CC was not begged to return to the show. She certainly has you all fooled. The only person who wanted her back was Tomlin and he’s not in charge anymore. As for you saying fans wanted her, only her fans and Kristian has more. You only need to look at twitter followers to see who is the more popular.

  • I would love to know who your source is for this article. I side with Kristian. For starters Carly and Hope really only fought over Bo for roughly 2 years as when CC was on Days in the 90s Kristian was not. There is not a long history between them. CC by her own admission was a diva of epic proportions back in the 90s. She has now been off Days for a while and still cannot seem to let it go and move on. Her behavior behind the scenes and with fans has been ugly. I’d also like to know what award you are referring to. Certainly nothing notable because Kristian has beaten CC in every poll and every award that hasn’t been able to be spammed by CC and her gang. Kristian has maintained a dignified silence whereas CC has taken every opportunity to bash the actress. She should be ashamed of herself. CC’s line in her book saying that showing up on time and lines learned is hysterical. She writes as if she deserved praise for this and wants a medal for doing exactly what she is supposed to. It’s called being a professional and something Kristian has done in her 30 years of acting. It’s laughable, but also sad that CC has resorted to this constant vicious campaign to attack Kristian. And shame on you for trying to pretend that CC is a much loved Days of Our Lives actor. Go spend some time on any of the fan boards, she has to be one of the most hated actors by fans (not only the Bo/Hope fans) that has ever been on the show. Maybe Ms Chappell needs to take a good hard look at herself before she slings mud at others. People in glass houses and all that ….

  • MJ Bullins

    Ugh, Kristian Alfonso is a sore loser. And Crystal is hotter, is a commodity, and has her own show.

  • Sheridan Craine

    HHmmm.. Wasn’t krisitan Alfonso already in days of our lives since early 80’s? She was very young when she started there and her lovestory with ‘Bo’ was one of the well known love story. She was only with Crystal C for maybe about 2 years? And at that time someone else was playing Bo and they like the chemistry of that person with CC so she ended with him.I actually was disappointed. And from my opinion I think Hope and Bo have more fans than Carly and Bo