Kylie Jenner’s Boob Job Breast Implants for Her Birthday: Kris Jenner’s Gift (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner's Boob Job Breast Implants for Her Birthday: Kris Jenner's Gift (PHOTO)

What do you give a 16-year old girl that truly has everything that money can buy? Well if we’re talking about one of Kris Jenner’s daughters then it’s never too soon to make your first trip to the plastic surgeon – just ask Kylie Jenner. Have you noticed something a little different about Kris’ youngest child? Well in the pic above the left side shows Kylie at this time last year – and on the right you can see the plastic surgeon’s handiwork on display. It seems that girlfriend is filling out her clothing a whole lot better than she did at this time last year and according to In Touch’s specialists Kylie appears to have new breast implants.

She’s not old enough to buy any of the booze that she drinks on the sly, she can’t vote and she still in theory needs parental consent for a multitude of things – but Kylie was allowed to undergo a completely unnecessary surgery already. Let’s be clear here, this definitely required Kris to sign on the dotted line and she obviously did. Just another of the momagers’ fine parenting moments if you ask me.

Do we expect anything different from Kris? I think not. I mean Kourtney Kardashian had implants by the time she was 18 and just look at Kim Kardashian, or at least the visage that calls itself Kim Kardashian, after more plastic surgery than an average block or two of Beverly Hills senior citizens. Her whole career of doing nothing was built on a sex tape and her image is only about looking like a blow up doll.

Of course Kris not only agreed to allow Kylie to have surgery, but she probably encouraged it. Kris recently joked to now estranged husband Bruce Jenner about how Kylie and Kendall Jenner would be financially set for life if they did porn! Kris never thinks like a mom but instead operates as the distributor of the Kardashian brand which just so happens to revolve around cheap sex and inappropriate and underage sexuality.

Do you think that Kylie regrets her implants yet or did she do it to be like her older sisters? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Instagram

  • MakeHerUp

    Wow a new level of ick.

  • Janie Gibson

    I will never understand this Ktrash clan… Who lets a 16yr old get breast implants? Kris has to be the bottom of the barrel! Where is dad? He’s equally to blame for this lack of a parenting gene.

  • Angel 2009

    I’d like to slap Kris Jenner hard . . . repeatedly! No sixteen y/o needs to have a boob job much less dress like a Hollywood hooker!

  • .

    or maybe she’s just a 16 year old girl who is developing…

    • thebutcher

      It’s beyond obvious they’re fake, not natural at all

      • Mckayla

        There photoshop

  • lili

    you guys are stupid. boobs are squeezed-.-!

  • Isaac Newton

    I would love nothing more than to have Kylie sit on my face for a while.

  • shayvoe

    She’s an ugly little whore.

  • shayvoe

    I love when people say this, but, yet, they are reading and commenting.

  • SHe’s a Kardashian. It’s plastic.

  • Robyn

    This is so wrong on so many levels.

  • carrie

    i saw her last pics at Hunger Games premiere,she had no boob jobs

  • Pamela

    I actually think she’s had a few things done. Her nose looks different in baby pics too..

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  • Kash511

    Not defending them but the pic on the left doesn’t prove anything. She has on a large t-shirt & the pic on the right exposes her boobs more. We’ll need an old one that reveals more to anything about her possible boo implants.

  • tifygodess24

    There would be no speculation If she wasnt dressing the way she is and has for years. Way too much for her age.
    Regardless We are all talking about the kardashians here, they are all obsessed with plastic surgery. Even Kendal has big old clown lips now.

  • thebutcher

    Circumcisions are for HEALTH reasons, fake tits are not. Your comparison is one of ignorance. Besides, circumscions are done at birth, not 16. You need to go back to 9th grade health

  • Anon

    Clearly she’s just developing, first of all. Secondly there are pictures of her at the beach with her friend from a year ago and the girl is just naturally well endowed. People that believe things that are written so vaguely are pathetic. Clearly this person is writing purely on opinion and out of jealousy. Which is fair enough, because I wish I looked like this at any age, not just 16.

  • jtravello

    I thought O.J was her Dad? Mom Kris was rumored to have had more than 60 “lovers” during her “marriage”??

  • Maria Santiago

    wow now i have seen it all. She looks like a 16 year old hooker. She’s still developing. She could of waited until at least 20 21 years old. Mine still were growing until 20 and then they stopped growing. She’s too young.

  • dtwenty7

    I can’t believe you people believe this crap..

  • dtwenty7

    Girls do ‘explode’ in one year.. I know plenty of women who went from B’s to D’s + in a year or less.. All before they were 18.. My ex-gf had to have breast reduction surgery a month after turning 16, and she was a B cup at 15..

  • Milah

    The fact that you low life people think this tabloid article is real is beyond sickening. At 16 who’s tits aren’t perfect and perky? Just because she has them doesn’t mean they’re fake…

  • Laura

    Those aren’t implants…they are uneven. If she had implants, they would be high dollar ones and they would match. The left one is noticeably smaller than the right.

  • lucky

    what’s really sad is this family is famous because her half sister Kim took it in the ass on video while her mum directed and “leaked” the thing.

  • newsyone

    Hard to believe any mother would not consider the risks involved with a child having plastic surgery. I shouldn’t be shocked but how many doctors would do this for a child of this age? Many require you to be at least 18 for elective plastic surgery.

  • drdebo cherry

    did Kims sex tape really include anal sex??????????

  • GanjaQueen

    i LOVe her boobs. wish my parents would’ve let me at 16. not having boobs is the worst and no one will tryly understand unless they were in that situation.. age is just a number. and its a life lesson if when she gets older and doesnt like em. but they LOOK HELLA GOOD Kylie. im next.

  • Dawn Doran

    Bruce is his name….

  • Castor

    Do you believe this crap. Wouldn’t kendall have bigger boobs too then?

  • Ashley

    Well she is the ugly duckling of the bunch. It looks like Kris was trying to makeup for her face.

  • Sheila Pajak


  • Abby

    Yea, they are privileged and incredibly spoiled, but the rumors of what they do and say we have no absolute proof about. Take it with a grain of salt.

  • Sofia