Lady GaGa Checks Into Drug Rehab For Substance Abuse?

Lady GaGa Checks Into Drug Rehab For Substance Abuse?

Most of the time if a celeb is dealing with a substance abuse issue and they decided to seek treatment it creates a huge problem. Dropping out of sight for weeks will cause speculation but then not everyone wants to willingly share their personal struggles with the whole world either. It seems that Lady GaGa may have been faced with such an issue lately and was fortunate enough to hide her rehab stint under another type of physical rehab.

According to a thinly veiled item over at Naughty But Nice Rob, GaGa used her recovery from hip surgery as an opportunity to also check herself in for a little extra help for a substance abuse problem that has flared up. The chameleon has admitted to having some substance issues in the past and no doubt after her last few months of dealing with a tear to a hip, GaGa has taken a variety of meds to keep the pain under control. Perhaps she had been clean but this physical injury has led to old issues flaring up again.

Whatever the reason, GaGa supposedly checked in to the drug rehab facility in as low key a manner as possible. No wigs, costumes or drama. Just a normal young woman who seemed very serious about getting some help.

Are you surprised to hear that GaGa has been contending with more than just a hip injury? If he substance abuse issue has gotten really out of control then healing from the hip might be easier than successfully battling the addiction. Will GaGa be back on stage at all this year? She was enjoying mega success before her accident took her down. Do you think that she’ll be able to recapture the success that she had been enjoying? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Lady Gaga looking very flat and withdrawn (withdrawing?) takes a ride in a Lamborghini to Malibu, California on April 20, 2013 – Looks like one of her servants picked her up from rehab for a little fresh air?