Lamar Odom DID Unleash Nasty Tweet Bashing his Father, Praising Kardashians — Kardashians Not Hackers After All!

Lamar Odom Definitely DID Unleash Nasty Tweet Bashing his Father, Praising Kardashians -- Kardashians Not Hackers After All!

CDL reported yesterday that one of the Kardashians (or Kris Jenner) might’ve been behind Lamar Odom‘s tweets — criticizing his father — after his friends revealed that he wasn’t the one who wrote the letter. Well, new info reveals that Lamar Odom supposedly DID tweet the long apologetic letter released via Twitter and that he talked to the Kardashians just moments before he released the tweets.

In case you missed the drama, here’s the briefest of all recaps: Joe Odom claims the Kardashians are awful; Lamar responds to his father — bashes him/praises Kardashians; friends of Lamar Odom say he didn’t write the letter; GASPS; now, “sources” close to the Kardashians are going directly against the statements released by Lamar Odom’s pals, stating that he did in fact release the letter.

Wow, I’ll let you all catch you breath for a second . . . . TMZ reports: “A source close to the Kardashian family tells TMZ  … just before pressing the button, Lamar called the family, saying he was about to tweet the message.  And we’re told … when Lamar called he was on speaker, so KhloeKimKourtney, Kris and others heard Lamar say he was tweeting his message.”

What do you think about all this nonsense? The problem is all these outside sources. Friends of Lamar claim he never tweeted it. And now friends of the Kardashians are claiming that he definitely did tweet it. Gah! What to believe? Who to believe? Let us know in the comments sections below which side you think is the truth-sayer.

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  • drdebo cherry

    I’m going to stick with the version- prior to that manufactored by the kash-ins.

  • MakeHerUp

    I worry this is going to end very badly for him

  • Robyn

    and why shouldn’t he have they are a vile family!

  • Sharmagne Weston

    TMZ and Kardashians…no one believes you. TMZ would have us to believe that Lamar who you reported has been laid up strung-out on crack with 2 crack head women 100
    miles from LA would even know who’s tweeting what to whom. Also, we are to believe Lamar composed a tweet that uses verbiageand diction contrary to how Lamar speaks.
    Yeah…that’s credible.

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