Lamar Odom’s Children Destroyed By His Drug Induced Neglect – Ridiculed and Heartbroken

Lamar Odom's Children Destroyed By His Drug Induced Neglect - Ridiculed and Heartbroken

Lamar Odom’s downward spiral has already hurt his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, as well as his chances of regaining his NBA career, but now something even more important is in jeopardy – his relationship with his children from Liza Moralez, Destiny, 13 and Lamar Jr., 10.

Destiny and Lamar Jr have had a tough time since allegations of their father’s drug abuse became public. Not only have they not seen him for months, but people at school have been teasing them about it. They were looking forward to their father’s planned trip to New York to visit them, but Lamar cancelled at the last minute. A source told Radar Online that Lamar’s cancellation left his children feeling, “disappointed and saddened,” adding that, “The kids had expected to see their father this weekend, they were shattered that the visit was cancelled.”

Likely, Destiny and Lamar Jr .just miss their father and are craving some kind of normalcy. The source revealed that, “In the past, when things were normal, Lamar would call and video chat with the kids on a very regular basis. Khloe even actually organized numerous visits for the kids to come to Los Angeles.”

It is not known for certain but one source said that the last minute cancellation was probably due to the fact that, “Lamar started partying several hours before his flight was scheduled to take off. He lost track of time and just didn’t make it to the airport.”

Clearly Lamar is struggling and it is affecting everyone who cares about him. I think it is time he channel some of that desire and diligence that he used to get into the NBA into getting better – if not for himself, for his children.

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