31 responses to “LeAnn Rimes’ Fake Secret Twitter Accounts Used To Attack Brandi Glanville Exposed #leannrimes – UPDATE: LeAnn Responds?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Sybil is a pseudonym for a woman diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder. Read some of irene_sybil’s tweets. . . . reeks of MeAnn’s never ending Brandi vendetta and she’s making her slobbering moronic fans look even more idiotic for all the world to see! Once again, good job Julie!

    • Kim R says:

      I was wondering if anyone was going to see that reference! Hilarious! Leann IS crazy and really needs serious help. I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with her. (BTW- love your kitty pic!)

      • Angel 2009 says:

        Even worse is that she uses her gullible fans for attention, praise and validation to continue her crazy behavior. Thank you for the pic compliment, she was a ham for a camera and that was her Nermal pose. You’ve got a cutie too!

  2. Em says:

    haven’t wandered over to twitter yet this morning …. last night she said she was looking forward to her gig last night as Eddie was going to be there ……. any photos surfaced yet?

  3. jessd says:

    I haven’t been following this story for long but I picked up on Irene right away, she only tweets bad things about Brandi and praises Leann, but she doesn’t even follow Leann, and Leann retweets from her a lot but doesn’t follow her either, come on now. Leann is getting scary crazy, Eddie needs to get those boys away, soon.

    • MargieAtPolitiChicks says:

      She (he) doesn’t even FOLLOW LeAnn (until now, I’m sure)? That’s the dead giveaway right there. LOL!

  4. GossipCult says:

    Oh my gosh…this is a fantastic article. Just read some of the tweets from this account and it’s clearly coming from LR. Considering LeAnn’s account has been relatively quiet and void of incoherent babble this week, it’s no surprise that the activity and BG bashing picked up on this one this week. She just can’t seem to help herself and stay away from the immature, childish antics. She is the gossip bloggers gift that keeps on giving. I write about her often and can’t help to feel sorry for what her life has become. Truly sad because she has a beautiful voice, but she’s a hot mess and people have clearly tuned her out.

    • MargieAtPolitiChicks says:

      You nailed that one! I am generally keeping away from writing about her just because I can’t keep up with her insanity! Thank God for Julie and Jenn or I wouldn’t know anything!

  5. Mary Jo Ashley says:

    You are all crazy for coming up with conspiracy theories to this silly twitter “battle”. It’s entertaining, but also incredibly disturbing to read all the tweets to and about Leann regarding this whole subject. These people who do not like her are ruthless and claim they are happy in their lives, but when you are happy with yourself, how do you have time to spend trying to ruin someone else’s happiness. It’s all really silly. In the end, what does it really matter. “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” ? Wayne Dyer

    • MargieAtPolitiChicks says:

      Uh, “Mary Jo”, “…when you are happy with yourself, how do you have time to spend trying to ruin someone else’s happiness”? Ask LeAnn, she’s sure got it figured out.

  6. Walt Jr says:

    Such a sad life to live. Well, you can’t really LIVE it when you are on Twitter 24/7 though can you?

  7. patty c says:

    Clearly LeeAnn is one very disturbed individual. I would fear what she may do should Eddie leave her and in her tortured mind blame his first wife fo tit. She’s one sick and scary individual.

  8. julie.zelko says:

    Hey there first off your avatar is too funny :) Anyway as for the comments sometimes it just takes awhile – and I noticed sometimes it takes longer than others for whatever reason – one time my reply to someone didn’t post for what seemed like a day lol :) And you are absolutely right she does seem delusional and irrational; and as they say rational actions do not come from irrational minds which explains a lot of what have seen from her in the past couple of years.
    Happy Sunday (or whenever my reply post ;p) thanks for your thoughts :)

  9. wewenotinlove says:

    I’m assuming this exchange is about your post, Julie. If so PLEASE post Irene Syble/Leann Rimes response to you.


    @irene_sybil @kathi51160 @Kadque @leannrimes , I see your famous this morning Irene, being mentioned on a blog and all..LOL

    ?Irene Sybil @irene_sybil

    @PEPPERMINTPEARS @kathi51160 @Kadque @leannrimes I wrote em back but doubt they have the guts to print. Gotta go. TTYL :)

    • julie.zelko says:

      I saw that and I am not quite sure what @Irene_sybil is referring to besides a tweet about me having a problem with her posting a link about the RHOBH ratings (which is completely besides the point) … but yes I will be writing about it. In fact imma go do that right now :)

  10. Angel 2009 says:

    OMG! Your comment is so apropos and thanks for the laugh!

  11. julie.zelko says:

    I added it in :)

  12. Karkar says:

    We will never know the extent of her craziness coming from her HAPPEeeee husband when they divorce because you know they will offer him money NOT to talk about it , Just like Dean. I’m sure her fake friends will leak stuff though.

  13. tootie says:

    Whomever “Irene Sybil” may be, LeAnn, Darrel or Ginger Hines, they are causing irreputable damage to the reputation of the person they are obsessively defending, LeAnn. Now is not the time for more negative publicity considering she may be teetering on the edge of divorce. Good going guys, you [expletive] your “good friend” or she just [expletive] herself.

  14. tootie says:

    I think it’s the other way around.

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  22. Sickofthebull says:

    Omg this is such bullshit I am a twitter member who has been on twitter for abt 4months now and any time anyone calls brandi out or says anything negative about her they accuse them of being leann it’s just more false accusations thrown out by hateful vindictive liars I get called leann at least and the very least 3-4 times a day and I am a happily married mother of four who’s more then willing to prove my identity.and also have proof that at least 15other twitter users have been accused of the same including Irene which are all willing to prove their identity if this story has any truth to it u will message me and we will play this game on who’s who we are all willing to give our identities to the writers of this site as long as a recant is published after doing so! This article is complete bullshit and if you feel it’s not contact us you show us your proof well show you ours lmao

  23. Sickofthebull says:

    So sick of all the ruthless lies it’s ridiculous that these are story’s from adults it’s like elementary again he said she said bullshit