Lil’ Twist Accused of Assault on a Woman: Battery in Justin Bieber’s House – Can Bieber Be Held Accountable?

Lil' Twist Accused of Assault on a Woman: Battery in Justin Bieber's House - Can Bieber Be Held Accountable?

Why does Justin Bieber‘s name always gets dragged into investigations. Half the time he isn’t even there but here we go again. One of Justin’s friends has gone out of control and manage to stick at least some of the mud on Justin. This time its his repeat offender of a best friend/creepy roommate, Lil Twist.

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was named in a battery/assault charge. A crime that was actually committed at Justin’s house. Luckily he wasn’t there because he may just learn something. Like if your house becomes a hot bed of crime then not only will the homeowners association be on his back but if someone had even slipped he could have been sued. Yeah I guess none of these children ever thought of that.

Usually this is where parents cut in but as long as they get money off the kid they don’t seem to care. This case doesn’t seem all that small to me and I’m just the bystander. The unnamed woman is alleging that Lil Twist tried to force her to stay in the house and try to keep it the time frame of about 3 am. After hearing all of that, it does sound really bad doesn’t it?

So bad that its entered drop the baggage stage. I mean we can understand Justin wanting to party with his friends so much that they almost get the run of his life but the same way any and every judge is trying to find a way to get Lindsey Lohan to drop 99% of people the very same thing should be done for Justin as well. Most of them are poisonous to him. I’m including Selena in that as well. They only want him to get something from him. That’s not love or friendship. But it can sure help when he’s planning to evict someone without notice.


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