Lisa Robin Kelly’s Cause of Death: Did Rehab Fail To Provide Proper Medical Detox?

Lisa Robin Kelly's Cause of Death: Did Rehab Fail Proper Medical Detox?

Lisa Robin Kelly was proof positive that a serious trauma can throw anyone for a serious loop and start them on a fatal path of self-destruction. Last year in an interview she blamed a miscarriage in 2003 for her turning to alcohol as it was all that seemed to numb her pain. She drank heavily for the better part of a decade an numerous trips to rehab didn’t help the former 70’s Show star to get her act together.

In recent years Lisa has been better known for her tweaked out mug shots rather than any scene stealing television roles. On Sunday her new boyfriend took her to the hospital and she registered a .34 alcohol level which was dangerously close to .4 which is considered by medical professionals to be possibly fatal. From there she had been transferred to Pax Rehab House in Altadena, CA where she supposedly received no drugs to help her transition into detox.

Sometime Wednesday night Lisa apparently went into full cardiac arrest and died in her sleep but there is still no clear explanation as to what happened. According to TMZ there were no drugs or alcohol in her room and no there was no vomit in her airway so she didn’t choke in her sleep. Foul play isn’t suspected either so officials are calling her death a mystery at this point.

Perhaps 10 years of chronic, extreme self-abuse finally took its toll on her body and her heart gave out. Perhaps Lisa should have been given meds to keep her vitals stabilized as the alcohol left her system and afterwards. Not doing so could have easily sent her into cardiac arrest as well. Did she receive these meds? Do you think that Pax dropped the ball in treating Lisa? The coroner is doing an autopsy and CDL will bring you the results as they become available.