March Madness Arrives: FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews’ Crazy Game Day Ritual!

March Madness Arrives: FOX Sports' Erin Andrews' Crazy Game Day Ritual!

March Madness is on its way in and if there’s one thing that’s true about the madness it’s that, well, people tend to go a bit mad (in the crazy sort of way). Superstitions abound and game day rituals seem to be commonplace in households where every other month of the year seems to be relatively normal. According to a recent survey completed by MSN Impulse, 80% of the survey takers said that they would be filling out a bracket this year and cheer on their *hopefully* winning teams. Needless to say, this week is a very important one being that the games officially kick off this Thursday!

It’s no surprise that team loyalties in households aren’t always the same; however, despite these differences, fans of all the teams have one thing in common . . . . They’ll do almost anything to support their game day heroes. FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews, for example, has a very superstitious ritual to ensure her favorite team, the Gators, will be victorious.

Erin tells MSN that every day before game day she will rush over to her bed, rip off all the covers and comforter, and toss them all to the floor in anticipation of the big day. A little interesting. Wonder if it helps fuel her team with an abundance of good, positive juju?

If it’s one thing March Madness proves it’s that fans will do everything to support their teams, even giving up gobs amount of time to express their loyalty. In the same survey, respondents revealed just how much time and energy people are willing to commit to the tournament this year: more than 30 percent of people spend at least three hours of the work day following the tournament, and one in ten have even called in sick for work to stay home and watch.

Something tells me that March is going to be a fairly slow work month for all these folks. If You Want More Hot Celeb Dirty Laundry News Then Please Like Us On Facebook and Follow Us On Twitter!

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