Mariah Carey’s Surrogate Pregnancy Announced – Two More Babies!

Mariah Carey’s Surrogate Pregnancy Announced – Two More Babies!

This much I know – Mariah Carey gets exactly what she wants – almost always. Since bursting onto the music scene more than twenty years ago, Mariah simply isn’t used to hearing the word no. She has been happily married to Nick Cannon for years and the couple share parenting duties of their two year old twins. She also is super-busy juggling her official judging duties at American Idol, but according to the April 15th edition of GLOBE, Mariah wants more responsibility.

She is absolutely ready to add on to the family but at this point knows better than to even attempt another pregnancy. Serious health issues forced her onto bedrest with her twins and she has said that the pain in her back was so bad that she feared she’s never walk properly again. Doctors have warned Mariah that a blood pressure condition could cause another pregnancy to be fatal so there is no way that she is willing to take the chance. Instead Mariah wants to enlist the help of a surrogate to carry another baby (or two) for her and Nick.


There is one big catch to this plan, Nick thinks it’s absolutely unnatural to have another woman carrying their baby and he is totally against it. He thinks that if Mariah can’t carry another baby then it’s a big sign that they aren’t supposed to have any more. So far Nick is firm in putting his foot down but those closest to the couple say that Mariah ultimately wins every battle so do you think she’ll get her way this time around? Are more babies in Mariah and Nick’s future?  Or will this be the one time that Nick actually gets his way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Life & Style and FameFlynet