Mellissa King Sex Tape Forces Her Resignation as Miss Delaware Teen USA (Video)

Mellissa King Sex Tape Forces Resignation as Miss Delaware Teen USA  (Video)

The young queen has lost her crown before she could even reign. Hopefully, Miss Delaware will find a nice soft place to land and preferably not the bed that has become the reason she has abdicated her power to smile on command.

Melissa King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November of 2012 but she renounced the title today after a porno allegedly featuring the 19 year old surfaced on the web. It was shot four months prior to her ascension to royalty but her past has made her one of the common people once more.

A rep for the organization released a statement to make it all official, lest there be an uprising to force the beauty queen from her perch.

I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney.

Melissa has denied being the girl in the hard core porn, but self-trained forensic video analysts have verified the integrity of the chick spread eagle. She may not be waving to the camera and offering platitudes of saving the world, but the moans match up to any rehearsed answer about peace on earth.  In the coming days, there will be more frame by frame examination but that’ll be more about guys getting off than making scientifically sure that Melissa had a guy cumming inside her.

The pageant has already reached out to first runner-up Hailey Lawler in order to replace King, but the dethroned teen shouldn’t hang her head in shame just yet. Beauty pageants may be an antiquated practice, but sex tapes seem to be the new currency in which to launch one’s career. It’s not as ideal as letting men ogle you in a bikini so you can strut around in a sash and tiara, but if Kim Kardashian can build an empire from a homemade flick, join the modern world and put a price tag on your infamy. Sex sells. Get paid.

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