Michael Douglas Calls Drug Dealing Felon Son Cameron A Victim of Fame and Fortune – Delusional or Ridiculous?

Michael Douglas Calls Drug Dealing Felon Son Cameron A Victim of Fame and Fortune – Delusional or Ridiculous?

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency arrested and indicted Hollywood actor, Cameron Douglas, the son of wealthy veteran actor, Michael Douglas, for dealing in large quantities of crystal meth. He was convicted of selling many pounds of the drug and Cameron is serving a 10-year prison sentence for drug possession and dealing. The actor believes his troubled son is not being treated fairly because of his famous last name.

The DEA silently watched Cameron Douglas for years (three), quietly conducted an investigation, and moved in on him charging him with criminal charges that came as a surprise to many.

At his April 2010 sentencing, Douglas, a heroin addict, told Judge Richard Berman that he planned to stay sober and live a more productive life if given the chance. The judge warned Cameron and his family: “This may be [Cameron’s] last chance.” In 2011 the imprisoned son of actor Michael Douglas, pleaded guilty to a new drug charge admitting that he managed to get drugs in prison even while he was cooperating with the government in a drug investigation! By the way, cooperating with the government in a drug investigation is also known as BEING A RAT! And to do that while in prison is pretty much asking for very serious trouble.

Reports are that crime family put a hundred dollar bounty on the head of Cameron in a Pennsylvania prison. The criminal boss believes Douglas is a “rat” for testifying against his drug supplier. Douglas got hurt after an apparent attack that left a leg and a finger broken. It is stated that he got hurt playing handball but who breaks a femur playing handball?

The actor says his son became a meth dealer to pay for his heavy heroin habit, and from there things just escalated. Michael is very candid and honest about his son’s problems but he accuses the justice system of making Cameron an example because of his father’s fame.

Fame has nothing to do with Cameron Douglas as he got what he deserved and the only regret is that Michael Douglas could not use his FAME to get his son out of trouble. Cameron was warned that this could be his last chance but that warning did not mean anything because of the fact Cameron believed his daddy’s clout would save him from prison. The problem is that stars and their brats feel they are above the law.

When justice is served their fame, notoriety, and stature are excuses for them not being held accountable for their own behavior. Face the facts Mr. Michael Douglas – if this had not been your son his sentencing would have been longer than 10 years, he would not have been sentenced to a minimum security prison, and there would never have been a second chance. Stars’ children think that because they live a privileged life that should apply to the justice system as well. Do you think Cameron is a victim to the justice system or was justice served?

  • shari

    delusional for sure.