Michael Douglas Dating Hot Brunette While Catherine Zeta-Jones Cries Over Separation

Michael Douglas Dates Hot Brunette While Catherine Zeta-Jones Cries Over Separation

Oh boy. If there was any doubt that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were truly headed for divorce this little piece of info sure puts it to rest. Not only has the couple opted to live apart and vacation apart with their children, but Michael is apparently finished with grieving the marriage. According to the Sept. 9th print edition of Star magazine the actor took a trip with friends and enjoyed some time on a golf course in Sardinia.

He was spotted with a tall brunette with a long dark braid and at first glance the woman was a dead wringer for Catherine. The problem is that Catherine was at the time holed up in their Bedford, NY mansion bawling her eyes out because the writing is on the wall. While Michael clearly put the moves on this random chick Catherine is still heartbroken because Michael has walked out on her, seemingly for good.

I’m sure Michael is enjoying a return to his single days and if you remember before Catherine he was quite the player. It looks like he has made peace with the idea of going forward with the divorce while his wife is still struggling. Friends close to her say that she has managed to turn her attention away from saving her marriage and is now focused on vying for custody.

Do you think Michael is out banging random chicks already and what about the custody battle that is inevitably right around the corner? She’s not always stable and Michael has always put his career first, so who should end up with the kids? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 responses to “Michael Douglas Dating Hot Brunette While Catherine Zeta-Jones Cries Over Separation”

  1. Ali says:

    Star magazine, lots of credibility.

  2. busybeeblogger says:

    Men, especially famous men, will never be for a lack of companionship

    • drdebo cherry says:

      and thats one point here- he has been a good husband, having options the entire time- but, officially seperated before going for them (at least publically)…………..

  3. drdebo cherry says:

    Jes, the guy has suffered long enough- mental illness is a heavy burden and I’m sure he knew not what he was taking on when they committed to each other- but he has paid his dues and now deserves a few good years with someone he doesn’t have to take care of- who might even care for him- what a concept- hope it works out.

  4. […] was reportedly difficult but we see that his life is going on. He has yachted near Sardini and golfed with a mystery brunette. No matter how this impending divorce shakes out, Michael will be just fine. Unfortunately […]

  5. Sandramh says:

    I think that it is possible for the two of them to patch things up, in spite of the great publicity. When stressors come into a relationship, it is not time to just throw in the towel. It would take a strong man to put aside his own needs for a while and focus on his wife’s illness. Men are often very selfish when a woman’s health is not just perfect. They don’t always remain thinking of the ways that they can be supportive. They want things to be exactly as they were before. But marriage entails remaining together in sickness and in health. I think they both need to forgive and forget and move on for the sake of their children. If they divorce, I think that they are going to regret it. They both loved each other very much, and to work through their problems now, would make their bond even stronger.