Michael Jackson Murdered – Paris, Prince & Blanket Give Explosive New Evidence (Photo)

Michael Jackson Murdered - Paris, Prince & Blanket Give Explosive New Evidence (Photo)

Michael Jackson’s death controversy is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. The tabloid is claiming that there is bombshell new evidence that the King of Pop was murdered! Can you imagine that?

There has been some controversy surrounding his death ever since he passed away. The circumstances have always been unclear at best and no one really knows what exactly happened in its entirety. The magazine claims that there has been some explosive new evidence introduced and they pin his death on murder. It could have happened that way, no?

We would be hard-pressed to feel bad for Conrad Murray even if he was just the fall guy. The tabloid makes the claim that Michael’s children, Paris, Prince and Blanket are all hiding some new secret about the whole situation.

Lou Ferrigno, Michael’s trainer, also claims that Michael was fit and ready to perform at the time of his death. To sell more magazines, the tabloid has also placed a photo of Michael already dead on the cover. So sickening, isn’t it? Can’t they just let it go already? It’s been nearly four years since his passing.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • stella katz

    negligence & stupidity caused MJ’s death!

  • Can you imagine seeing the autopsy photo of your dead father who you loved so much, on the cover and plastered everywhere?? This is so sick!

  • juneyny

    When you see the Enquirer at your local store on racks close to checkout where young children can see the photo, take an unrelated magazine and place it over the NE copies; do it in every store with a display, the rag won’t sell.

    • Outstanding Idea, and Thank You For Sharing. I am going to busy myself in these stores @ the magazine display racks….

  • If Katherine Jackson loses this lawsuit, was it worth subjecting these children to this type of publicity?Shame on the Enquirer for publishing autopsy photos of anyone. Shame on Katherine Jackson for putting Michael’s kids through this all over again. Michael left enough money to provide for his children for the rest of their lives. And he left enough money for his greedy mother to live out the rest of her days. Everyone knows Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs and what this photo shows is a body that was dying slowly. No one in that condition could have made forty billion or even a million in their lifetime. He was already on deaths door. His is the body of an addict. How tragic for Michael may he rest in peace.

    • Octuplet…his mother is NOT greedy. She and the children are suing because AEG definitely played a large part in his untimely death. Obviously you did not read his autopsy report. He was in good shape for a man his age. His organs were all healthy (not what would be expected if he was a drug addict) and although he did look thinner than ususal during the TII rehearsals, Michael was always quite thin. He was a dancer. He wasn’t on death’s door. He was on the threshold of reclaiming his title as the world’s greatest entertainer. He could have done 50 shows if he would have received the proper intervention to help him deal with anixety and his sleep disorder. He was incredibly focused and determined. All he needed was to be able to sleep. Though it will be tough on his children, they are HIS children and they will demonstrate his courage and bravery. No human being deserves the kind of exploitation that tabloids have dished on Michael Jackson. I hope divine intervention brings this horrible news rag to destruction.

  • How tragic it is that these children are going to be subjected to seeing their father’s death bed photos. I wonder is it really worth it? Looking at this photos it seems as though Michael Jackson was on his death bed. I can see how AEG is liable for the death of Michael Jackson. Michael unfortunately was an addict. If this autopsy picture is truly Michael’s he was deathly thin. How sad.

  • Michael Jackson’s autopsy was clean, I repeat CLEAN. His internal organs were CLEAN other than the poisons which Conrad Murray pumped into Michael by the gallon. The ‘addict’ slander is being forced into mass mindset by a media $$ PAID to do so by the very corp. suits the Jackson family are seeking justice from – AEG (and the fraudulent estate). Michael’s family got no true measure of justice in Murray trial. 4 years to be cut in half for taking a life. The family is still pursuing the rest of Michael’s killers through the only avenue the US justice system allows. Civil court. The system dictates a monetary outcome in civil trial. NOT the victims’ families. Michael Jackson was belittled and PUSHED to death by AEG. Their own emails prove it. Unfortunately the World will not be allowed to see the TRUTH of FACTS televised. Instead we will be force fed the tabloid media version of facts. People, please do your own research, ask questions, and listen to your heart as well as your mind.



    • Indeed So, Not In This Psycho/Sicko World Ruled By ‘lucifer’ and his minions… Peace is forthcoming very, very soon for all who are called and counted!

  • SkyRyder

    Where da belly button at? Guess they stole that from him too.

  • As Juneyny urged everyone, take copies of this horrific piece of trash and hide it in back of other magazines in their magazine section. Cover up ones with other magazines. Complain to the store. Let them know that “Enough is Enough!” This is so horrible I cannot believe they’ve done this. Anything for money. Anything. I hope the Jacksons SUE them and put them out of business. His poor children!

  • No doubt his death was due to Hollyweird’s Shadow Governnent, The Illuminati. This is a far reaching luciferian cult worldwide. He spent his life entertaining us, all the while reaping money for what is control freaks in Hollyweird!

    These evil doers are very, very soon to meet our MAKER. Michael was a gentle. kind and loving person who was extremely talented beyond words.