Michelle Shocked Lives Up To Her Name With Shocking Anti-Gay Show Rant (Video)

Michelle Shocked Lives Up To Her Name With Shocking Anti-Gay Show Rant

Michelle Shocked certainly knows how to live up to her surname, doesn’t she? The singer and songwriter actually shocked audience members and bystanders when she went on an anti-gay tirade at Yoshi’s in San Francisco last night. Right after she took the stage, she proceeded to rant and rave, and ended with, “You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.’”

It’s unbelievable what some people will say and do for more attention. Michelle is known for making controversial statements, sure, but saying that ‘God hates fags’ in San Francisco, of all places, is completely moronic and she should be banned from public speaking.

Reportedly, right after she went on her tirade, the club cleared out and the venue was shut down. People were tweeting about the incident all night, with Matt Penfield tweeting, ‘Eerie foreshadowing at Michelle Shocked show before the show she talked about how ‘people seem like your friends then they turn on you.’ He added, “2nd set, she got up went full hate speech.” Penfield’s wife also said, “In retrospect seemed clear that she designed the show to deliver this message.”

Fanse were also tweeting all night, and the consensus seems to be that Michelle Shocked was planning on using the show to demonstrate her views, and basically show that she’s a bigot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, sure, but hate speeches are not tolerated in urban cities, especially in San Francisco, where a large percent of the urban population is homosexual.

Shocked’s past with these kind of statements is mixed. She was originally ambiguous about her sexuality, even saying in the past, There are some inconvenient truths that I’m now a born again, sanctified, saved-in-the-blood Christian. So much of what’s said and done in the name of that Christianity is appalling. According to my Bible, which I didn’t write, homosexuality is immoral. But homosexuality is no more or less a sin than fornication. And I’m a fornicator with a capital F.”

However, at the Wild Goose festival in 2011, Shocked seemed to turn on her previous sentiments, instead saying, “Who drafted me as a gay icon? You are looking at the world’s greatest homophobe. Ask God what He thinks.”

She’s managed to turn from a gay icon into someone hated by not just gays, but most of the community at large. Whether she does it for the attention or because she actually believes her own nonsense is a question best asked to her, in all honesty. Her whole act seems as contrived as she is.

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