Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Looking For Family Home In Which To Raise New Baby

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Looking For Family Home In Which To Raise New Baby

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been on the fast track to marriage since he officially filed for divorce from almost-relapsing alcoholic ex wife Demi Moore. The young, hot couple has known each other for years, and many think that the friendship foundation will be the key to their long life together. That’s not to say that Ashton hasn’t been involved in his own fair share of scandal—like that he’s cheating, or trying to keep Mila from a career so she can raise his babies—but by Hollywood standards, they’re doing really well!

So well, in fact, that they’re already house hunting together and are specifically “looking to buy a ranch-style home, and just checked out a swanky estate in Hidden Hills,” reports National Enquirer, print edition March 11, 2013. The real estate news does nothing to fight rumors that the two are hoping to expand their little family and have kids. But Mila is insistent that they won’t give up their careers for the little ones, and the “areas they are looking to buy are plenty close to the city.”

Trust Ashton to mess it up somehow. The perpetual playboy is “refusing to sell his LA bachelor pad . . . he argues that they can stay there whenever they’ve got business in the city.” But Mila is hoping to break Ashton of his bachelor days, and thinks having one home together is the best way to do so. “Mila’s afraid Ashton wants to keep his old place so he can entertain his posse with all night poker games.” What new mother wouldn’t love that—baby daddy hitting the town, staying out all night, abandoning baby and tired mama? Sounds like Ashton has some growing up to do before he and Mila can really take their relationship to the next level. Do you think the two are ready to settle down and have kids?

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  • Millie

    I think maybe Mila is ready to become parent but I don’t know about Ashton.