Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth – Severe Consequences of Rejection

 Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth - Severe Consequences of Rejection

Miley Cyrus maybe the queen of “wrecking ball debut,” but she is no goddess in the integral making of Liam Hemsworth’s notoriety as a star. Miley is no different than other women wanting to be in first place. Liam Hemsworth charted a different course of direction away from her embrace and seduction smites.

Undoubtedly, should Liam Hemsworth enticements such as an “Australian hunk” cause Miley Cyrus to be a tyranny of love gone badly? For instance, if Liam Hemsworth ever had any intentions of marrying Miley Cyrus he would have swept her up and shown the world she is the one and only love of his life.

Miley seems set on thinking that at the end of the rainbow you can truly buy love. Ultimately, she could buy interludes of sex partners, which in the long run will end the same way as her split with Liam – in second gear. Granted, Miley is a champion of trumped up guilt trips thinking all her stardom and social accolades will back her up. In contrast is Miley capable of broadening her scope with charisma and less control of her relationships for future happiness?

Indeed, Miley Cyrus may have many regrets that she caused the intricate split with Liam and did not continue to dominate Liam’s show biz future. In addition, Billy Ray Cyrus these days is not sure if he should join the “Chippendale’s dance troupe” or hope for Miley to bring him back into the limelight of fame. What would a wrecking ball performance be like for Billy Ray Cyrus, could he pull it off?

Otherwise, “one-hit wonders” go and come and Miley Cyrus right now is a nerve of explosion, waiting for the smoke to settle before she has another deranged episode of erratic behavior.