Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Engagement Off: Had Serious Fight Before VMAs Twerking Disaster!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Had Serious Fight Before VMAs Twerking Disaster!

Miley Cyrus ripped the VMAs so hard that they decided to add ‘Twerk’ to the Oxford dictionary. The Hannah Montana Disney princess out performed everyone at the show. The raunchy, nude latex, strip tease either pissed you off, or made you horny. It made Liam Hemsworth hotter than a Yosemite California wildfire.

Contrary to popular belief, Liam and Miley did not fight after her grotesque performance; they battled before she hit the stage. Cyrus used the argument with her fiance as octane. Miley wanted to make sure she wasn’t taken for granted.

Somebody told HollywoodLife:

Miley and Liam had an argument the day of the show — she was really upset and she took it all out onstage, so the performance got even crazier than they had planned because Miley was really amped up. When she fights with Liam, she acts out and gets even more rebellious, and that came out on stage, but she’s not sorry. She made a big impact and that was the goal. She did warn Liam that the show was going to be wild but even she didn’t know just how wild it was going to be.

Liam is an introvert, and wants his acting career to be taken seriously. He’s just ignoring all Miley’s late night partying with random rappers and twerking.

Demi Lovato said, “I’m really tired of the word twerking,” but Miley has an upcoming duet with Kanye West and Britney Spears! So despite some people’s thoughts that Miley’s career’s on a downward spiral, it just might be headed on the up and up! Weigh in on the argument here (POLL).

Hemsworth better find him someone calm who enjoys reading books and going to museums. Miley Cyrus is not that bitch.