Miley Cyrus Wants Sex With Harry Styles, Happy Engagement Fake?

Miley Cyrus Wants Sex With Harry Styles, Happy Engagement Fake?

Miley Cyrus set the internet on fire yesterday when she tweeted raunchy pictures of herself getting cozy with a cardboard cut out of Harry Styles in her bed. The life sized figure was a birthday present for her 13-year-old sister Noah Cyrus, but apparently Miley couldn’t let her sis have all the fun! Miley is all about sexy photo shoots nowadays—she’s all over the internet grabbing her crotch, groping strippers, and chauffeuring blow up sex dolls. Not that I’m complaining! I love to see the real side of any celeb, and Miley’s I don’t care what you think  attitude is refreshing and fun.

You can check out Miley’s pictures with Harry here, and read our initial thoughts on her tweets. Since our report, Miley has tried to backtrack, tweeting, “In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I’m sure that’ll be a story now 2. I’m happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out.” It’s like she read my mind! Now, I don’t know what goes on in Miley’s head, but I know that 90% of the pictures she tweets are of her dogs, and the rest are various friends, things she likes, strippers, or Harry. I don’t remember ever seeing a picture of her and Liam Hemsworth on her twitter, actually!

All that to say: if she’s so happily engaged, why isn’t she as obsessed with Liam as she is with her new (super adorbs) rescue dog Bean? Why is she filling the internet with pictures of a cardboard person, when she could be tweeting madly about her hunky Australian fiancé? I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it just seems odd! It doesn’t escape our notice that Miley shared these pictures just after Harry and Taylor Swift split up—sure, she only had the cutout because of her little sister’s birthday, but would she have acted differently if Haylor were still together?

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