Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Due To Stomach Stapling? (PHOTO)

Miranda Lambert's Weight Loss Due To Stomach Stapling? (PHOTO)

The latest cover issue of the National Enquirer makes some bold claims about Miranda Lambert‘s recent weight loss. I always thought the rapid weight loss was sketchy, even though Miranda denied any rumors of plastic surgery. However, the Enquirer claims that Miranda’s weight loss is due to a stomach stapling procedure.

I mean, she did lose thirty pounds in three months, which is very difficult to do in a healthy and responsible manner. Sure, she could have crash dieted and just stopped eating, but she would have keeled over from exhaustion and not looked like she did at the CMA Awards. I don’t know if it’s necessary stomach stapling, but I feel like there’s a lot more to this story than we’re hearing from Miranda – and of course, her version of the story is simply that she exercised and dieted. Yeah yeah, that’s what they all say.

The Enquirer also has a story about Hillary Clinton‘s upcoming presidential run, and how Hillary’s reportedly harboring a big secret that could kill her if she goes through with the campaign. Looks like they’re alleging that Hillary has a major health problem – she did have a stroke last year.

There’s also a report on Warren Beatty‘s rumored divorce to Annette Benning, as their marriage ‘crumbles’ and they head into a $108 million divorce battle. It’s always fascinating how tabloids manage to assign such precise figures to all these theoretical divorces.

Finally, the Enquirer has a big exclusive on Judge Judy, and details on her son’s rumored connection to child rape case. According to the Enquirer, he could land in jail for up to four years if he’s charged and proven guilty. This is a pretty big claim they’re making, so they better have some evidence to back it up.

What do you guys think about this week’s Enquirer cover? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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