Nicki Minaj Thinks American Idol Sucks Too – Especially The Judges!

Nicki Minaj Thinks American Idol Sucks Too – Especially The Judges!

Remember when everyone and their brother watched American Idol? Back when we all looked forward to each week and talked about the most recent episode for days afterwords? When the reality mainstay was an epidemic that nearly everyone was touched by? Well, those days are obviously LONG gone, in fact they probably left with crazy Paula Abdul and her purse full of pill bottles. Now the former reality TV institution can’t even keep a judging panel interested for more than one season and the few fans that tune in end up wondering why they even bothered and ya know what – Nicki Minaj even agrees with that sentiment!

Nicki is currently taking tons of heat for being the meanest of the judges but in reality, she is the only one trying to be real here and she has no problem calling out her fellow judges. According to the April 22nd print edition of National Enquirer, Nicki believes that Mariah Carey does precious little more than chew scenery. For someone that is known to be such a demanding diva, you’d think Mariah would be a whole lot more critical, wouldn’t you? Nicki also believes that Keith Urban sits on the fence far too often which basically means, he holds the popular opinion rather than offering up one all on his own. Randy Jackson has sat on the judges panel for 11 years now and Nicki simply thinks his schtick has gotten really old.

Nicki actually has made a really good point. Everyone is bashing her but if not for that no one would be talking about her at all! Sadly, it’s true. The ratings have dropped twenty percent from just last year and now even The Voice is pulling in a bigger audience! Nicki may be obnoxious or sometimes simply just whacked, but at least she’s trying to save a sinking ship!

Will Idol return next year or is this season it? Are we going to watch what was once a huge series over stay its welcome and go out with a whimper? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Nicki Minaj Thinks American Idol Sucks Too – Especially The Judges!”

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  2. earsucker says:

    She would be right….she sucks, as well.

  3. 1MzLiz says:

    Nicki’s an ungrateful brat. Keith’s babysat her the entire season. Even with that, he’s a darned good judge giving constructive criticism. BTW, to call her a good judge is a travesty.

  4. dh says:

    Nicki just cant help it. You would think if she had any sense she would NOT bash her fellow judges & be GRATEFUL for her fortunate position on AI… but NO! She’s just another arrogant, egotistical, immature big mouth who plays the blame game instead of being realistic about divided tv markets & her own distasteful behavior on the show..Its everybody’s else’s fault, right Nicki?

  5. Janet Treash says:

    Jackson needs to leave! 10 years ago!!! Nikki is trash..always liked Mariah..until she became a judge( she sure thinks she is better than everyone). Biggest disappointment..Keith. I love his music! Be he is so weak. How can he not see the mistakes Candice makes..or is he like the rest..thinks she is perfect no matter how many mistakes she makes? God forgive Janelle for her mistakes…they never showed her enough respect.