Nicole Kidman In Grace Of Monaco Trailer – Watch Video

Nicole Kidman In Grace Of Monaco Trailer - Watch Video

The first teaser trailer for Nicole Kidman‘s Grace of Monaco has been released, and it’s an interesting look at the movie that has been slammed by the Monaco royal family as being ‘fiction’.

The film focuses only on the narrow span of time in Princess Grace‘s life, when her marriage to Prince Rainier III was in turmoil, and when Monaco was dealing with a tax dispute with France. The movie focuses on the importance of Grace, and what a big part she had to play in our world’s history. She was one of the most famous actresses of her time, and then she became a royal – it’s a story fit for a fairytale, but one that isn’t really captured in this trailer.

The teaser has a voiceover focusing on Kidmna’s Grace, with opera music playing in the background. The technical aspects all look fantastic, and whatever else the movie is, it will be very well lit and beautifully shot. Kidman’s acting skills aren’t really showcased in the trailer, but she looks better than she has in a long time. It’s not clear whether she eased up on the botox before filming this movie, or whether she was so well lit that it didn’t matter. Of course, we haven’t actually seen her act since the trailer was just a series of quick shots of her gliding around.

Even though nobody’s yet seen Kidman’s performance, The Weinstein Company already picked up the film for distribution, which means that she’s at least a contender – if nothing else. But with the film not playing at Toronto, Venice, or Telluride, not scheduled anywhere else, and with no real story to go along with the trailer, is it really a contender?

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