Nina Dobrev Confesses To Ian Somerhalder: ‘I Found A New Man To Keep Me Warm’

Nina Dobrev Confesses To Ian Somerhalder: 'I Found A New Man To Keep Me Warm'

Hollywood’s newest power couple doesn’t have it easy. It may seem that, as they star on the same show, they’d have unlimited time together and synchronized schedules, but the opposite seems to be true! The Vampire Diaries stars are often sent to opposite ends of the country to promote the show, and have other obligations that tear them apart. While we’re not sure how long Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev can last under these conditions, we know it isn’t for lack of trying!

Nina loves using Twitter to flirt with Ian, though he rarely reciprocates. Instead, he shares a lot of environmental news, and occasional personal status updates. Neither of them posted anything that caused us alarm, until Nina told followers she’d found a new man! Say what? While in Atlanta filming, Nina has been a human icicle, forced to shoot spring and summer scenes in 25 degree winter weather! Today, she found something to be thankful for, sharing, “Another chilly morning . . . Thankful to whoever invented seat warmers . . . Genius. I could kiss you right now.”

Nina’s appreciation didn’t end with the very public shout out—she looked it up! “Google tells me it was Robert Ballard. Thank you Robert ! You have made my butt toasty on many occasions.” Don’t worry Nina—we’re sure Ian will understand! Appreciation and joke lusting doesn’t constitute cheating, right? Ian shouldn’t have anything to complain about, considering how often he ditches her to travel! He’s just announced a Moscow trip in May. No word yet if he’ll be bringing Nina, or why he’s going. One thing’s for sure: as far as Twitter can tell, the two are as strong as ever! Do you think Nina and Ian are in it for the long haul, or will work eventually get in the way?

  • YoureAnnoying

    Such a pointless post. She was talking about her appreciation for the man that invented seat warmers. Way to take things out of proportion. Even if you are joking, hardly funny– which you can see from my clearly agitated comment.

    Also, they shoot together for long periods of time. Doubtful that a bit of distance for a little while will strain their relationship.