Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Over Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Over Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role

The status of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s 18 month relationship has been speculated on all week. These two haven’t been seen together in a few weeks and their usually linked tweets have disappeared as well. Ian spent time at SXSW while Nina visited with her aunt. Then last weekend Nina was spotted cheering up Julianne Hough hot on the heels of her split from Ryan Seacrest.  Still though, no sightings of Ian and Nina.

In the past the couple has opted to be notoriously private and it took over a year of dating before either of them even confirmed to the press that they were indeed a couple. So it’s possible that they were beginning to feel as though their space was being invaded and so they’ve decided to take their romance off the public radar once again. However here at CDL we’re hearing rumblings that real trouble could be swirling. Ian teased earlier this week on Watch What Happens Live, about the possibility of playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. We’re now hearing that the actor may indeed have already been cast in a super hush-hush decision and that the reality of what that role entails has cost him his relationship with Nina.

I guess it’s easy to wish for your boyfriend to succeed but it’s a whole lot harder to know that his success is hinged on exploring the BDSM underworld in numerous filmed sex scenes with a hot young actress that is maybe Emma Watson and maybe not. The reality of that scenario is a bit more than Nina can handle and so rather than wait until he begins filming down the road, she pulled the plug on the relationship now.

Do you hope that Nina and Ian somehow work through whatever is in their way right now and end up together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • If they did break up, I doubt it was because of the stupid reason put forth here. They are both adults and they are both actors, I can’t imagine anyone ending a relationship because s/he doesn’t like what the other person does at work. So stupid.

    • georfia

      i agree with you that’s right!!!

  • Christine Solazzo

    Dont think that this will be the cause of their break up but dont think they will last either way

  • I am so disappointed that they broke up I loved them together

  • It is to bad they broke I loved them together

  • diss cnt be true i knw tht their love is not broken…especially for some movie

  • That is too bad that they broke up I loved them together

  • it is to bad that they are breaking up I loved them together

    • me

      They havn’t broke up

  • JadeyAxx

    Nope. Just because they haven’t been seen together or tweeting to eachother, doesn’t means they broke up. Just saying.

  • catt knipp

    Instead of believing rumors use your own judgment and ask if this website is really a good source of truthful information.

  • tara

    Breaking up with someone over a role that can further their career is completely and utterly selfish

  • Emma Watson has said many times that their was no way she ever to that “movie.” Stop making her look bad.

  • Guest

    What you didn’t say in this article was that Andy Cohen asked Ian on Watch What Happens Live if he was single and Ian said, “no, that is not the case”. I agree with catt knipp questioning whether this website is a good source of truthful information.

  • Georgia_Peach

    This is hardly the place to go for accurate information. Ian and Nina are just fine. They have NOT broke up. Stop spreading the rumors.

  • me

    Oh my fucking days they haven’t broke up just becuase they’re not seen together dosn’t mean they broke up! And this isn’t even the trailer can’t you even see that the eye part is a scene from vempire diaries were damon compeles elena and ian barley knows if he got the part becuase other people like ryan gosling want it. Also, ian said on the connan show I’m not single. So stupid bastards shouldn’t think they broke up. Expecily from a dumb movie. This site is full of shit!!!! They did the same thing to miley cyrus and liam hensworth. Never trust media!!! Expesilly perez hiltons!!

  • I will seriously cry if they actually broke their relationship that they have. But for now stop making up shit and just find out the truth.

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  • sarah

    you guys are crazy if you only believe this shit. They are fine! people see them together last friday and today is sunday…..you make me laugh

  • sarah

    you guys are crazy if you only believe this s***t. They are fine people see them together last friday and today is sunday…..you make me laugh

  • Nians2

    LOL they’re dating for almost 3 years and you said 18 month he said on TV not even a week ago he’s not single they’re hanging out w/ Zach and Paul just on this Friday ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? DO A SEARCH BEFORE TRY TO WRITE THESE STUPIDS ARTICLES

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