Oscar Pistorius: Brutal Killer Murdered and Mutilated Reeva Steenkamp


If you’ve seen any of the developments in the building case against Oscar Pistorius it’s getting harder to believe that the death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp could possibly have been an accident. What began as a horrifying story about a boyfriend accidentally gunning down his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day has quickly shifted into what looks like a case of premeditated, cold-blooded murder.  Reeva was shot through the bathroom door of Oscar’s palatial South African property, that much has been confirmed. But as police are piecing together their case a completely different picture is beginning to emerge.

Oscar’s bed had clearly been slept in not just by him, but by Reeva as well. She was in a nightgown and her overnight bag was in the bedroom already. The couple had been overheard fighting not too long before Reeva died which makes it pretty hard to say that Oscar was awakened by an intruder. Instead police are now contemplating the idea that Reeva was shot in the hip while trying to get away from Oscar. She apparently made it to the bathroom where he shot her through the door a few more times.

Then there’s Oscar’s cricket bat which he kept beside the bed. Blood spatter may have been found on it and investigators are investigating whether or not Reeva’s skull was bashed in before she was shot in the head. Oscar supposedly carried a still breathing Reeva downstairs and called a few other people, but NOT the police or an ambulance. That’s not a man who was desperate to save his dying girlfriend. If his friends didn’t call for help either then they were protecting him and it cost Reeva her life.

Ironically last summer Oscar seemed to be the portrait of a role model. He personified hard work, taking chances and his competing in the Olympic Games while being a double amputee gave hope to the disabled. Now we can just add his name to the list of athlete’s that so many have idolized without really knowing. Ironically, if you looked a bit closer this guy had issues. He was admittedly obsessed and paranoid about being the victim of a violent crime. He lived like a prisoner in his own home and loved heading to the shooting range. His home was an arsenal of displayed weapons. But because he was a stellar athlete, respected for one single activity that obviously did not define him, no one thought much of Oscar’s unhealthy love gun play.


Why is it that our society is so quick to idolize people that we know precious little about?  Oscar was propped up on a pedestal last year only to fall from grace in the most deadly of ways and while all the signs of trouble were there, no one paid attention until it was too late.

Will Oscar make bail tomorrow at his next hearing? Do you believe that there’s any way that this was simply a horrid accident? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!