Paula Deen’s Accuser Lied About Being “African-American Adjacent”

Paula Deen's Accuser Lied About Being "African-American Adjacent"

Paula Deen‘s Empire is crumbling around her. Despite having her many fan’s support; her sponsors are dropping her quicker than you can blink. Apparently, Donald Trump can deny our Black president is even American but when a white woman who openly admitted to using the “N” word under duress is accused of being a racist then she’s tagged as being bad for business.

What originally started all of this drama was when a former employer of Paula Deen’s brother’s restaurant claimed the southern chef was a racist and thereby tried to sue her. The accuser is Caucasian however she claimed her husband’s niece who was half-Black made her an African American Adjacent. That’s why it was such a personal matter to her. Yet here’s the thing, the niece is half-Hispanic not black. So what’s that about the adjacent crap, I can’t remember.

That’s right this woman is a liar!!!

For someone to topple a empire you would think she had I don’t know… proof. All of the things fueling this lawsuit appear to be uncorroborated rumors or blatant lies. Simply another person looking to get rich quick. It’ll be just the the woman’s fault that by time the suit gets to court, Paula has already claimed bankruptcy. Am I saying Paula will be broke, no. Rich people can hide their money behind bankruptcy paperwork.

I think it would be funny. An epic “screw you” to a money grubber. She has it coming. A lot of people including myself feel that Paula has gotten it too hard.  Some would believe its because Paula is a woman. Is it true? Who knows but it does ring true. Why else would so many people quickly jump on the bandwagon to burn her. Think about it. And look at Alec Baldwin who goes into an obscene homophobic rant and appears to be walking away unscathed.

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  1. allie says:

    I wonder if everyone will hire her back now, lol