People’s Choice Awards 2013 Live Recap: Complete Coverage of the Night’s Winners and Events!

People's Choice Awards 2013 Live Recap: Complete Coverage of the Night's Winners and Events!

The People’s Choice Awards 2013 is almost in full swing and we hope you’re ready for an exciting show, filled with glittering dresses, fancy people, and acceptance speeches that may or may not suck. All of the celebs have now arrived and, if you missed the red carpet, then be sure to check out my live recap of the red carpet event. The celebs, as usual, arrive in class and style, and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the night pans out for the people, acts, and shows nominated for the 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

Tonight’s show is hosted by Kaley Cuoco, and she always delivers a humorous, lively, and wonderful ceremony. Hopefully this year she won’t disappoint us. Don’t worry, Kaley, we know you’ll do a fab job! In case you missed my earlier post highlighting who I think will take home the coveted awards, here are just a few of my pickings (don’t let my choices sway your choices — because your choices count!)

Favorite Movie – The Hunger Games; Favorite Action Movie – The Avengers; Favorite Movie Fan Following – Twilight; Favorite Movie Actor – Channing Tatum; Favorite Movie Actress – Jennifer Lawrence; Favorite Face of Heroism – Jennifer Lawrence; Favorite Movie Icon – Meryl Streep; Favorite Action Movie Star – Robert Downey Jr; Favorite Comedic Movie – Ted; Favorite Comedic Movie Actor – Adam Sandler; Favorite Comedic Movie Actress – Mila Kunis

To check out my full list of predictions before we start our live recap, then be sure to click here and read my prophecies for yourself. You might be surprised how good my third eye is. Well, who’s ready to get this show on the road? Make sure to refresh often and always so you say up to date for the latest People’s Choice Award coverage, and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on Twitter @celebdirtylaund as the awards show progresses!

LIVE Coverage Below:

Kaley and LL Cool J are doing a NCIS spoof for the intro. He tells her to find the fighter deep inside. She says she doesn’t want to and he offers a back up host. It’s the tiny NCIS boss Linda Hunt! Kaley rejects her and moves on to Scarlett Johannsen. That doesn’t work out and she moves on to Hunger Games heroine Katniss. Kaley asks her how to summon her inner action hero. Jennifer Lawrence tells her to sell cheese from her goat. Next is Twilight and Edward tells her to move her shoulders to look like she’s breathing. Kaley busts out some karate moves and gets pointer from the vamp Cullen clan! Kaley runs into NeNe (love her!) who tells her there are infected zombies – she turns the corner and runs into a band of undead rocking to Gangnam Style. She grabs NeNe’s sword and takes them out. That’s the intro!

Kaley’s dress – different from the red carpet – is also pink and rhinstone spangled. It’s gorgeous. She points to the fans who got to sit on stage and tells them not to make direct eye contact with her (HA!). She tells us there were more votes for People’s Choice than the President, so Taylor Swift is now the new Prez. The first presenter is Julianne Hough who is handing out favorite comedic movie actress – Mila Kunis, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon nominated. Winner is Jennifer Aniston.

Jen’s in a leathery looking A line dress (must be the shape of the year…) She clutches her statue and thanks the “people” – will she mention he fiance Justin? Nope…

Johnny Galecki and Olivia Munn are the next presenters for favorite country artist. She jokes that Taylor wrote We Are Never Ever… about her. The nominees are Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood. Winner is… Taylor Swift!!

Olivia jokes that she can thank her first. Olivia takes the trophy and Taylor says “this always happens” – Kanye West slam. Taylor thanks the fans sweetly. She says they’ve blown her mind with the response to her album Red. Says she loves her fans!

Back from the break, Kaley reads tweets for what people want to see – Jim Parsons painting with his feet – Hunger Games cast wearing diapers – Katy Perry crowd surfing in a penguin costume. She announces Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy show as Supernatural! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki accept and then present the award for Fave Band. Greenday, Maroon 5, Train, No Doubt and Linkin Park are nominated. Winner is… Maroon 5!

Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore comes out to introduce Alicia Keys. He says he met her when he was hosting Soul Train and she guested. He says he asked her out but she told him she appreciated his game but said “my man situation is handled.” Alicia sings Girl on Fire. She’s playing the piano and wearing a structured red jacket with quilting on the front and a white turtleneck.

I would appreciate this performance more if I wasn’t worn out from hearing it on that annoying American Express commercials. Then she breaks into New Day. She’s got a stage full of male dancers inexplicably wearing goggles on their foreheads.It’s super cool and really awesome that she’s so obviously NOT lip synching. She’s performing 100% live and bringing it!

Kaley announces Ellen DeGeneres is the winner for Favorite Daytime TV host! She says Ellen is her mom’s favorite celebrity and that she’s only number seven, after Jay-Z. This is Ellen’s 13th People’s Choice award. She says that’s exactly what the Mayan’s predicted. Ellen says she doesn’t like awards season because it’s hard to say who’s better than whom. She says this award is great because the people are confirming she actually is better than the rest. She thanks everyone on her “team” – Jane Lynch, Wanda Sykes, Melissa Etheridge… too funny.

Ellen fakes leaving and then turns back to present Favorite TV Comedy Actress. Kaley Cuoco, Jane Lynch, Zooey Deschanel, Lea Michele and Sofia Vergara are the nominees. The winner is… Lea Michele. Wow. I did not see that coming. She’s so NOT funny on Glee. I was hoping for Sofia. (boo!) Lea thanks the Gleeks and says the cast would be nowhere without them. She thanks Glee creator Ryan Murphy is at home with his new baby. She also thanks Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch. It was a sweet speech even if I don’t agree with the choice.

Ellen is also giving out Favorite Male TV Comedian – Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Chris Colfer, Neil Patrick Harris, Ty Burrell and Jim Parsons are nominated. The winner is Chris Colfer! Another shock. He’s not funny on the show. He’s amazingly talented, tender and wonderful, but NOT funny. I don’t get it. He mentions that he loves being “exploited” in their fan fiction. That makes me curious – I’ve got to go look some of that up after I get done here…

They’re showing a video from “animal lover” Kaley Cuoco on the tragedy of dog shaming. It’s very funny. She says to live public shaming where it belongs – with the Kardashians. She’s wearing a sign that says “I can’t throw a stick to save my life” and shows her little cute doggie sitting in the crowd.

Ian Somerhalder and Casey Wilson are presenting Favorite Comedic Movie Actor – Channing Tatum, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Zach Galifianakis. The winner is… Adam Sandler. Meanwhile Casey is hilariously hanging onto Ian and pretending to lick his ear while he looks mortified. Adam hands off his award and reads from a paper in a dopey voice. He says he’s going to open up about himself and says his favorite Kardashian is Ringo, favorite member of 1D is five way tie, favorite berry is Halle, favorite James Bond move Forrest Gump, favorite small Al Pacino, favorite body part front, favorite tree The Tree Stooges, favorite underwear Pull-Up and then it goes on and on and on stupidly. Enough Adam. Please. He invites the audience to a pizza party to celebrate – at Jennifer Aniston’s house.

Rachel Leigh Cook is up next introducing Jason Aldean. She says he’s the guy you want to party with. He’s singing My Kind of Party. It’s polished and well done – makes me wish I was sitting front row in the auditorium. The crowd is on their feet dancing. I like that they’ve got country music featured. A few years back and there wouldn’t have been any country represented and now there’s an award for it and a lot of excitement about it.

Anthony Anderson and Monica Potter are presenting in trench coats. She’s got crazy hair and he’s got a boom box. Anthony yells flash mob and they ditch the coats and dance to Call Me Maybe. Kaley comes out and shuts them down. She tells them they need to come to rehearsals because they cancelled it two weeks ago. They both drop dwn into splits – impressive. They’re presenting Favorite Break Out Artist. Nominees are One Direction, Fun, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted and Gotye.The winner is… The Wanted!

The boys come onstage and say they’ve never won anything before. They thank the fans and EVERY teenage girl in the crowd screams non-stop. They thank Ellen DeGeners for having them on and Justin Bieber for having them on his tour. They said they would do a song for Ellen if they won and break into an a capella version of Afternoon Delight. It gets progressively faster – and was totally cute!

Kaley reads more twitter suggestions – shirtless John Stamos making pancakes, Taylor Swift singing in a block of ice, Heidi Klum racing a monkey on a segue. Carrie-Anne Moss and Jason O’Mara are giving out Favorite Pop Artist.Justin Bieber, Adele, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and P!nk are nominated. Winner is… Katy Perry! Katy said she wishes she had an award for best fans because her fans are like her best friends. She’s in an odd number – looks like a german milkmaid number.

Chloe Grace Moretz and Matt Bomer are the next presenters. They are presenting Favorite TV Dramatic Actress – Stana Katic, Emily Deschanel, Ginniger Goodwin, Nina Dobrev and Ellen Pompeo are nominated. The winner is… Ellen Pompeo. Cool. She’s wearing what looks like a floor length blouse. Yuck. She says that after nine seasons it feels like an eternity and says that to be getting award after so many years, Grey’s Anatomy has the best fans. She says she loves meeting fans and hearing their stories. Wow – beautiful speech.

Chloe and Matt stay to give out Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. Ian Somerholder, Jared Padalecki, Paul Wesley, Jensen Ackles and Nathan Fillion are nominated. The winner is… Nathan Fillion! Awesome. I totally love him. Castle also won (they voice over) for Favorite TV Crime Drama. His tie really sucks. He thanks his cast members in the crowd. He thanks his brother Jeff and says he’s like family to him, but found out he voted for Jensen. Ha! He says to the people who didn’t vote for him, he endeavors next year to get their vote. Cute! Love, love, love him!!

Naomi Watts is presenting Favorite Movie Actor. Nominees are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Robert Downey Jr. The winner is… Robert Downey Jr. BTW’s Naomi’s gold dress is awesome. Voice oversays RDJ also wins for Favorite Movie Superhero. He’s dressed like he’s going for an interview at a bank. He says he’s goign to send and receive love from the crowd and makes gestures. Odd. He mentions Joyce Schroeder who was an 83 year old fan of his. Aww. So sweet!

Alison Sweeney comes out to present the first ever award for Favorite Humanitarian. Regina King is brought out to give the award. Okay, Alison was just introducing the actual presenter… Sandra Bullock is recognized for rebuilding Easton High School in New Orleans. She raised $100,000 with a special Blind Side screening and gave a bunch of other money as well.

They show a video of the school being rebuilt, students and Sandra at the school. Sandra mentions that Regina is in ridiculously good shape. She says she doesn’t do anything compared to the volunteers working down there every day. She says she’s lucky enough to be able to write a check. She talks about the school and the amazing students, teachers and tough principal. She said that faculty and almuni have dug into their own pockets for student needs. Easton has a 100% graduation rate – wow! She mentions her son Louis – her son that she adopted from New Orleans. She thanks Walgreens for having a great selection of lip gloss and for writing a $100,000 check to Warren Easton High school. She gets a well deserved standing o.

Eddie Redmayne comes out to hand out Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. The nominees are Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Rachel McAdams, Meryl Streep and Emma Watson. The winner is… Emma Watson. Man – I am good. She’s like the sixth or seventh prediction I’ve gotten right. The voiceover says Perks of Being a Wallflower won for Favorite Dramatic Movie. Another correct prediction! Emma’s in a funky cutout dress that’s questionable.

Heidi Klum comes out to introduce Christina Aguilera singing Blank Page. There are hundreds of candles on stage – gorgeous – and Christina’s in a white satin suite that’s very stylish and flattering. Her mic stand is this weird twisty thing – cool! It’s a low-key, haunting performance. Lovely. I got chills and even teared up a little.

Josh Duhamel is out next and hands Christina the award for People’s Voice Award! Xtina says it was the first time she’s sung Blank Page without crying. She thanks everyone sweetly and says it means so much to her. She says when she’s singing is the only time she can truly be herself. Aww… I’m tearing up again. She says that people who feel lonely, bullied or lost should raise their voice. She also thanks Mark Burnett for putting her on The Voice.

Chris O’Donnell is presenting Favorite Network TV Comedy. Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Glee, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Fmaily are nominated. Winner is… Big Bang Theory!!! OMG – my fave show. The whole cast is there – Johnny, Kaley, Kunal, Simon, Mayim – everyone! Simon gives the thank you speech. He says every day he comes to work early because he loves what he does and that they all really love the show. Kaley says goodnight to end the show and Heidi Klum races a gorilla across the stage on segues. Seriously. She did…

Well, that’s it folks! There are your 2013 People’s Choice Awards!

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