Phil Spector’s Wife Rachelle Spector Speaks Out: He’s Not A Monster and Completely Innocent!

Phil Spector's Wife Rachelle Spector Speaks Out: He's Not A Monster and Completely Innocent!

Phil Spector‘s wife Rachelle Spector recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how she’s extremely disappointed with HBO’s new biopic, which details the life of her husband Phil Spector, who is currently serving 19 years in jail for the murder of young actress Lana Clarkson. She continues to defend her husband’s innocence, and will continue to do so for as long as she’s able; however, she claims that HBO’s new documentary isn’t helping his case. Because the depiction of his character is completely bogus.

“They have him as a foul-mouthed megalomaniac and they depict him as a minotaur — like he draws people into his labyrinth and he locks them in and won’t let them out,” Rachelle told ET. “This guy couldn’t hurt a fly. He had no gunshot residue on him at all. He was wearing white, and if you’re in the vicinity of an intraoral gunshot wound — which is actually like running a semi in your mouth; it’s like 5,000 pounds per square inch of pressure — you would have blood, tissue and particles. Her two front teeth were actually ejected to the top of the stairs. There was nothing on him.”

Rachelle became a certified private investigator to help defend her husband, but so far things aren’t looking good for them. She also told ET that she tries to spend as much time with her husband as she can. Sometimes when she visits him they eat and hold hands and simply try to take naps together, but she’s only allowed one kiss and one hug. She will soon be releasing a single, PS I LOVE YOU, as a tribute to her husband.

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