Pippa Middleton Cheating With Tom Kingston on New Boyfriend Nico Jackson Already (Photos)

Pippa Middleton Cheating With Tom Kingston on New Boyfriend Nico Jackson Already (Photos)

It has only been a hot minute since Nico Jackson was revealed to be the new light in Pippa Middleton’s love life, okay maybe a month, but it looks like it could be over before it even heated up. Just a few days after Pippa and Nico were photographed kissing after a skiing marathon race, she stepped out with Tom Kingston escorting her.  The two attended the Cheltenham races together and that caused more than a little speculation.

Tom is a 35-year old wealthy former London banker that is most definitely an eligible bachelor. The question is whether or not Pippa has parted ways with Nico, also a wealthy financial whiz – or if she was just trying to cause a stir by being escorted by Tom in the first place. It is rumored that she and Tom have gotten quite a bit closer recently and that he may very well be replacing Nico as her main squeeze.

I have to wonder what big sister, Kate Middleton thinks of Pippa’s always-revolving door of older eligible men with big bank accounts. Pippa certainly has a type, doesn’t she? Tall, dark, older and rich seems to fit the bill! We already know that the Royals totally frown on her party girl image and in the year and a half since Kate married Prince William, Pippa does seem to have learned to be a bit more discreet.

Do you think in the end any of these guys will end up being a real match for Pippa? She seems in many ways to crave the happily-ever-after that her sister has managed to secure. Maybe she needs to look for a different type of guy, since her current mold never seems to work out for more than a few months.

Do you think Pippa dumped Nico? Would she dare to step out with another guy so publicly if not? If she was cheating she was absolutely going to be caught, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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