Pippa Middleton Slammed For Being Uglier Than Kate Middleton – AGAIN

Pippa Middleton Slammed For Being Uglier Than Kate Middleton - AGAIN 0607

Geez, how would you like to wake up to that headline if you’re Pippa Middleton? Karl Lagerfeld is yet again ensuring that the Middleton sisters will never wear Chanel at a public event by criticizing the future Queen of England’s sister’s face. Sometimes you just don’t like people and Karl really, really doesn’t like Pippa. I can’t think of it this early in the morning but there’s a movie where a guy says another guy has an asshole face. Is that the next step for Karl? Will he finally stop bitching about her behind her back and call her ugly to her face?

Last year he gave Pippa the brilliant advice to enter every room ass first. In a new clip from CNN’s Fashion: Backstage Pass he’s asked by Anita Cho: “You did not like the face of Pippa Middleton?” and he replies, “No, I think her sister looks better.” Now, still a douche, but as far as Karl comments go that one’s about as tame as they get. Perhaps he’s warming?


And it’s not like he’s saying something most of the world doesn’t agree with. Kate is the country’s darling and already being considered an icon. Pippa, on the other hand, has to work (insert sad face emoticon here) while constantly hearing that she feeds off her sister’s perks and popularity. Pippa will always be the evil ugly step-sister in the media’s eyes. Kate flashed her boobs and she’s still an innocent.

But I don’t understand Karl. It’s got to be his goal to get Kate in his clothes. He’s a egotistical fashion designer and she’s the one everyone wants to dress. Why piss off her sister? How does that help things? And why Kim Kardashian? Kim was seen working at Karl’s studio in Paris just recently (you know the trip where Kanye fled to Milan?). How does Kim and all her famewhoring not bother him? He even resisted a chance to rip on her when he was asked about her wearing his clothes. He basically said anyone can wear whatever they want to wear. How did he not call her fat?? If anyone is going to call Kimmy fat while pregnant you’d figure it would be Karl Lagerfeld! But no.  For some reason Kim is greater than Pippa in Karl’s eyes. I just don’t get it!

What do you think of the comments? Is Pippa Middleton uglier than her sister? Does it seem to be slowing her down any?


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  2. SpringBeauty says:

    KL has senile dementia.