Porsha Stewart and Kordell FAKED Divorce To Stay On Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart and Kordell FAKED Divorce To Stay On Real Housewives of Atlanta

Some serious crap is hitting the fan this morning about The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart. Just a week after her first television interview where she addressed questions about how her marriage to Kordell Stewart fell apart, it seems that the whole thing may have been a made for the media mess! If you’ve followed along at all, supposedly Porsha found out via Twitter that her husband had filed for divorce in spite of them still sharing a home. Porsha went on to say that they were not speaking and she realized she had married a douche lord and was ready to put the whole mess of a marriage behind her.

Porsha had officially been let go from RHOA at least until Kordell supposedly dumped her. Then producers wanted her back for another season. This morning a source extremely close to the self-proclaimed black trophy wife, says that Porsha and Kordell made up the whole divorce story in order to get Porsha asked back for another season as a Bravolebrity. The source told Media Takeout that the divorce scheme worked for NeNe Leakes so they figured they’d give it a whirl!

Ironically enough, this was totally believable because fans of the show watched Kordell be extremely controlling all season and then there’s that whole thing about him being a closeted gay man that recruited Porsha to be his very pricey beard. Do you believe that they made it all up? Would Porsha go this far to stay on RHOA and would Kordell let her? Supposedly he hated her doing the show, would he lie to help her get another contract? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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