Porsha Stewart Says Gay Rumors About Kordell Are True

Porsha Stewart Says Gay Rumors About Kordell Are True

Poor Porsha Stewart. She’s that Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravolebrity that learned of her divorce on Twitter several months ago. She had been married to former NFLer Kordell Stewart who has spent years fighting off gay rumors galore. Many questioned whether or not he had married Porsha to have a hot girl on his arm that might put those rumors to rest once and for all.

Porsha decided to open up to Life & Style magazine and in the Nov. 25th print edition she admits that she now believes that Kordell kept a lot of secrets in their marriage and one thing was for sure, he wasn’t having sex with her very often. She admits that early on in their relationship she had questioned him about those gay rumors because her family was concerned. He denied them but Porsha insists that something obviously wasn’t right between them.

Porsha Stewart Says Gay Rumors About Kordell Are True

As she puts it, if someone is having a secret affair, it’s secret and you have no clue who they are with so Kordell could have been with another man because he wasn’t at home in bed with her. Porsha also insists that Kordell wasn’t there for her after her miscarriage and it made her rethink things because he clearly had detached from her if he couldn’t support her when she was so upset. Obviously she is still upset – airing dirty laundry to Life & Style is the behavior a bitter person, right? Or a famewhore.  Or a bitter famewhore!

Kordell’s disposal of Porsha in such a cold way has never sat well with her fans and I guess it was only a matter of time before she opened her mouth and started to voice the same questions that everyone else has. Do you think that Kordell is really gay and Porsha was basically just a temporary beard? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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12 responses to “Porsha Stewart Says Gay Rumors About Kordell Are True”

  1. da boom says:

    Gay blade I knew it

  2. Sharmagne Weston says:

    Of course, he’s gay. The rumors have been around for a long time

  3. Will Damian says:

    GAY, GAY GAY! Period.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a dick & acts like a duck, guess what: it’s a duck!

  4. No1sfool says:


  5. thebutcher says:

    Oh bullshit, That gold digging WHORE only wanted his money in the first place, now she’s mad she’ll have to make money by herself

  6. […] Porsha has gone from defending Kordell against the gay rumors that have plagued him for years to insinuating that there might be something to all of that after all. Porsha has said that while she can’t confirm that her husband was gay on the DL, but she can tell us that a lot of night’s he wasn’t in bed with her. She has also referred to him as a “queen” with a real bitchy side. […]

  7. FREE THINKER says:

    Yes, I truly believe Kordell is a gay boy. What man tears up women’s clothing to get back at them? AND she was genuinely surprised that the balls were missing out of Kandi’s wedding present to her.

    Where else could they be, but in Kordell’s ass? He’s a flaming queen, and it has been rumored since 2006 that the man is gay, or at least bi. I mean, what man wouldn’t be hitting that every night as a newlywed?

    • Marceline Marguerite says:

      Kordell has no reason, to tear a wedding dress up. Kordell paid for the wedding and the dress. Porsha did that ,after he did not want her anymore. Porsha took to those photo’s like a spoiled
      Which, thought this guy would not divorce her.

  8. Abnette says:

    I absolutely think she was his beard. She was too young and inexperienced to realize it

  9. Dwight W Lewis says:

    Sweet as bear meat, he should come out & be who he is, quiet as kept
    Now days it seems to be the in thing, even for black ex-jocks.