Porsha Stewart Says She Married An Abusive “Queen”

Porsha Stewart Says She Married An Abusive “Queen”

Nearly 8 months after finding out that her former NFL player husband, Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce on Twitter, it seems that Porsha Stewart is just starting to find her voice. The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta star seems to be letting the proverbial cat out of the bag slowly, or else Bravo’s editing is making sure that each new episode is sure to reveal yet another sordid detail of the couple’s two year marriage.

Porsha has gone from defending Kordell against the gay rumors that have plagued him for years to insinuating that there might be something to all of that after all. Porsha has said that while she can’t confirm that her husband was gay on the DL, but she can tell us that a lot of night’s he wasn’t in bed with her. She has also referred to him as a “queen” with a real bitchy side.

Then there’s the obvious insinuation of domestic violence. When asked if Kordell abused her there was a huge pause on Porsha’s part before she volunteered that everyone gets shaken a little bit. Obviously this guy put his hands on her because that pause was there for a reason. Porsha needed to figure out how to answer and that means that the correct answer wasn’t a clear cut no.

I think it’s pretty ironic how Porsha was referred to herself as Kordell’s trophy wife and now he’s actually the queen in their failed marriage! Do you believe Porsha’s claims now that perhaps her former husband was cheating with men rather than women? How about the sideways abuse allegations? Do you think she’s looking for sympathy here or is there a story yet to be told? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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