Pretty Little Liars RECAP 8/13/13: Season 4 Episode 10 “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Pretty Little Liars RECAP 8/13/13: Season 4 Episode 10 “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Tonight on the ABC Family PRETTY LITTLE LIARS continues with the tenth episode of its forth season called, “The Mirror Has Three Faces.” On tonight’s show Emily takes up residence amongst Ali’s things. Did you watch last week’s season 4 eighth episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s episode Emily’s birthday provided an opportunity to confront Jenna.  Paige threw Emily a surprise birthday party with even more surprising guests – Jenna and Shana. But it’s “A’s” actions at the party that led to the biggest shock of all.  Mona’s selfless act provided Hanna and her mother with their first bit of good news, but sends Mona down a familiar path.  Meanwhile, Aria and Jake (Ryan Guzman) continued trying to define their confusing relationship.

On tonight’s show Still living at a motel, Emily is taken aback when Mrs. Dilaurentis offers to let her move into Ali’s old room and is even more distraught when the other Liars insist she take Mrs. D up on her offer. Hanna explodes when it appears her mother’s recent good fortune has taken a turn for the worse. And Ezra continues to reel from Maggie’s big news when he’s dealt an even more crushing blow regarding his son.

Meanwhile, Aria makes an effort to get involved in Jake’s (Ryan Guzman) interests and finds herself with an opportunity to follow up on a lead. And “A” continues to toy with Toby’s emotions regarding his mother’s death, and Spencer is along for the ride.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s  Family’s Pretty Little Liars at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars, so far?  Also, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The Liars are on a hunt for Cece and the truth behind Jenna’s little accident last week. However they’re making decisions in the abandon hallways at school. Aria has to remind them to take down their volume when Emily gets a major shock. Her mom wants to accept Mr. DiLaurentis’s offer to stay with them. Emily initial wants to refuse that is until her friends convince her otherwise.

Spencer doesn’t want her to do it but she hold that little tidbit in till she speaks Hanna. It’s only after Hanna tells her that about the creepy guy at Emily’s current residence that Spencer is willing to pretend she doesn’t have misgivings. Maybe she should. Spencer never knew it was only that would be moving into the Allison Shrine.
Meanwhile Hanna has been taking out her frustrations out on her poor Caleb. He’s tracking down any and all leads on Cece but it seems he has to cut his time between that and stopping Hanna from doing something stupid. Like visiting Mona. She actually thought asking for his help to break in Radley’s would work. Ah, no!

He doesn’t want creating even bigger problems. What he does want is for her to tell the police and her parents that “A” is back. She thinks that could only make things worse. Caleb gives her a dose of reality when he tells her things are already bad. Later Hanna meets with the good doctor. Mona’s doctor.

She wants to know if she could visit Mona at Radley but he wants to know if she was the one to break in and try to visit Mona last night. Hanna denies it although she does ask him to investigate who was the mystery blonde visitor . Hanna tries not to makes mistakes and  this proves to be another one.

Dr. Wren and Mona have a deeper relationship than the two had previously let on. That and he’s been making strange phone calls to update someone on what’s been happening with the Liars and Mona. And the most bizarre thing he does is to go to Spencer’s mom to warn her about Mona trying to screw over Ashley Marin’s case. Why would he that and better yet who would risk his license for?

Ezra may need some cheering up right about now. The mother of his child threatened to move with his son. Being a pro-active father that he is; he assumed he could fight to keep the boy in court. Sadly there is little chance he would ever get custody. He ran a secret paternity test and the results proved he wasn’t the father. Former Baby Mama lied because she didn’t want to admit she cheated him way back when. Where is Aria to help recover? She’s getting in deep with Jake. Too deep to take Ezra’s calls.

But that’s not the only thing she’s doing. She traced Cece down to her last current address. Cece wasn’t there. She left supposedly after Allison and the Liars ruined her life. That was a while ago. Where she’s been since then?

Even though Spencer promised no more secrets she can’t help it when she’s dealing with her boyfriend. Toby likes all these thing his mother to stay between them and so when “A” sent him a clue he wants her to keep it a secret. “A” sent song lyrics of one of Toby’s mom favorite songs. They go in to see Dr. Palmer.

This time they manage to get him to open up. Playing the music and pretending to be the late Mrs. Kavanagh does the trick. The blonde girl he warned Toby’s mom about he called Ms. DiLaurentis. Spencer wants to ask Allison’s mom but Emily warns her not to. She’s bond with the Mrs. And feels bad the older woman is facing a divorce. Spencer does it anyway.

Ms. DiLaurentis reveals that it wasn’t Allison at Radley’s. It was Cece pretending to be Allison. Mrs. DiLaurentis was very disturbed by that behavior so she told her daughter to cut off all contact with Cece. The friendship was too toxic.

Wren apparently had a plan when he warned Spencer’s mom. Mrs. Hastings went in blazing to grill Mona but after she left someone had reported her as manipulating Mona into confessing. She’s had to recuse herself from the case.
Hanna is freaking out. Most likely she’s going to think it was Caleb’s fault for nearly spilling the beans about “A”.

Mrs. DiLaurentis and Emily find something in the house. They realize someone has been squatting in the basement. Was it Cece?