Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 REVIEW “Shocking Arrest Made”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 REVIEW “Gamma Zeta Die!”

Hannah wakes up from a nightmare and starts looking for her mom, she goes downstairs and finds the door to the porch open. Ashley is on a chair outside, Hannah goes outside, she wakes her mom up and tells her she had a nightmare, Ashley sits up, her hair has been cut off, they both start screaming. Again Hannah wakes up,from a nightmare and yells for her mom, Ashley appears at Hannah’s door. Ashley ask Hannah if she wants to talk about, Hannah tells her not right now. Ashely walks away (she looks so sad and lost).

Spencer’s mom is in her kitchen getting orange juice out of the fridge. Spencer comes downstairs. Veronica talks about Melissa and how she likes London but its cold. Spencer’s mom gives her a guide to read, she has her meeting with a private admissions counselor (Spencer calls him a Ive League Pimp, and that will be how I refer to him the rest of the show). Spencer is not thrilled.

Emily is sitting in her room looking at Stanford’s website on her lap top. Her dad walks in and ask her if she has time for breakfast. Her mom is at the gym. Emily knows its to avoid the neighbors. Her dad tells her it will all blow over and he has been in scary war zones than Rosewood. He goes on to apologize that they can’t afford for her to go to Stanford, and though he can’t do much he is still going to do everything he can to help her. He goes downstairs to make her breakfast. (I love Emily’s dad, he is by far the best one out of her two parents).

The girls are in the class taught by Aria’s mom. Ella is talking about how this weekend is for them to go to college and dress to impress, not to go to keggers (but they are so fun). The girls are still sitting in class talking after the bell rings. ( You know about how Hannah’s mom whacked Wilden), Ella tells them that they could get to class quicker if their legs were moving. They seem surprised by her moodiness. Aria hopes A hasn’t gotten to her mom yet ( keep on hoping sweetie).

Spencer is telling the girls about her magic Pimp and his wand as they walk into the hall. Hannah excuses herself. Emily ask how much the Pimp cost, aria is sure its more than Emily’s car. Spencer tells them it isn’t about money (guess she forgot her last name is Hastings). Spencer is more worried about Melissa being gone and Tippy (the bird) missing. Aria does not want to hear about the missing canary, (ummm Aria I think you are thinking of Tweety). Spencer corrects her right quick, it’s a parrot. They notice a college in the book Spencer has the has numbers that match the one Tippy was singing.
Spencer is sure its a clue (of course it’s a clue, because on this show there is no such thing as coincidence, no really there isn’t).

Aria is chasing after her mom outside the school. She wanted to have lunch with Ella, but she is headed to The Brew to see her Muffin Man. Aria wants to know if she is excited about her trip, Ella informs her she has decided not to go. Aria is freaked and tells her mom she has to go and then tries to come with reasons why. Ella tells her that Mike (Aria’s klepto brother for those who forgot), wants her to stay. At some point during this mother daughter talk Aria realizes the bee on her air conditioner (that text I got from A earlier today about venom and queen bees is starting to make sense now), Ella tells her that she has to go and they can talk more tomorrow night (family night). Aria gets out of the car and starts walking back towards the school. Aria gets a text: This is just the first taste of my venom. Kisses-A. Meanwhile Ella is in the car putting on lip gloss completely oblivious that bees are coming out of the roof air conditioner and filling her car. Ella hears a loud buzzing sound, she tilts the mirror to get a better look, she sees all the bees, and instead of jumping out of the car, she turns and looks, that’s when they attack. You just hear her screams and see her arms waving. Aria just stands on the school sidewalk and yells mom, mom (because the word mom yelled repeatedly totally scares bees).

Emily is standing in The Brew on her cellphone talking to Aria about what happened to her mother. Emily ask Aria if she can talk to her mom and explain. Aria says explain what exactly that A gave her “four wheel hive”. Aria tells Emily she needs to go her moms doctor is on the other line. Emily hangs up and starts walking back to the front of the coffee shop, she notices Spencer’s pimp and starts up a conversation. Pretty soon he is giving Emily advice about college (since Spencer is running late).

Ashley is sitting in the Hastings living room, Veronica comes over and puts a tray of tea on the table. Ashley tells her she didn’t want anyone to see her come to Veronica’s office. Veronica ask Ashley what is she wants to talk about. Ashley says the magic word (Wilden). Ashley goes on to tell Veronica she wants to tell Veronica her side of the story (could she sound any guiltier). Veronica tells her she has heard some rumors. She ask Ashley if she wants to talk to her as a friend or a lawyer. Ashley tells her hopefully both. Veronica tells her she knows someone at Rosewood PD and that she will look into it. Ashley sips the tea (for her sake I hope that its camomile tea).

Back at The Brew Emily is talking to the Pimp, when Spencer walks in, she apologizes for being late, Emily gets up to leave, Spencer tells her she can stay. The Pimp tells her has a appointment set up for her at Brown, she tells him she wants to go to Ciciero this weekend instead, he seems surprised (you Spencer being a Hastings and all that), he says he will arrange and then Spencer tells Emily she should come with her. Spencer will even drive. It’s a date, Ciciero it is. They will be going the next morning.

Aria walks into the living room and sees Mike (I know people I’m shocked myself), Aria snatches his iPad and they get in a huge fight about how mike is selfish and Aria just wants her mom to leave so she can schedule a play date with Ezra. She hands him the iPad, shoves him, and walks away, he sits down and starts playing a game (my guess Angry Birds).

Ashley walks in the house with some take out bags. She ask Hannah to help. Hannah gets up from the table covered in text books and empty notebook pages and gets one of the bags. Ashley told her some kids are going to look at colleges this weekend. Hannah tells her she doesn’t need to go, she will be going to fashion school and that is that. Ashley doesn’t push her. The house phone rings and its Veronica, Ashley leaves the room. Hannah sneaks over to the other phone and listens. Veronica tells Ashkey that it isn’t looking good for her.

Hannah is walking back and forth on her phone, she is talking with Aria. Hannah is wondering if she should call her dad and ask him to help her mom. Aria ask her why she isn’t talking to Caleb (he is camping with his dad). Hannah tells Aria her moms muddy shoes aren’t under the sink, she assumes Ashley got rid of them (she totally did I watched her), Hannah is all full of energy roaming around upstairs, she pulls on her moms closet door and its locked. Hannah tells Aria she never locks the closet. Hannah and Aria get off the phone, after Aria makes her promise to check in with her later.

Emily is in her bedroom packing her suitcase for her trip with Spencer. Her dad comes. In and gives her some money for the trip. He tells Emily to buy herself something she normally wouldn’t. He leaves her room.

Aria comes in her house and walk over to her dad sitting at his desk. She ask him to tell her mom that’s he is ok with her going to Europe with the Muffin Man. Byron looks up at her and catches himself before he says b**ch please. Aria goes on to explain (while crying) that his opinion still means a lot to her mom and if he says its ok for her to go and he can handle it then she would feel better about going. Byron just looks at Aria.

Hannah is debating if she can break into the closet. Spencer and Emily are with the Pimp. He is trying to explain stuff to the two of them, Emily is all in, Spencer is on a mission of her own. She tells Emily to keep the Pimp busy while she tries to find out where on campus the number Tippy gave the came from. Before Emily can object the Pimp comes back with their badges and Spencer excuses herself.

Hannah keeps poking and jiggling the lock, finally the door pops open. She starts searching she finds a bag on the floor, she unzips it, pulls up the top. She finds a scarf with something wrapped in it ( I bet I know what is), she unwraps the scarf and inside is her dads gun ( or the murder weapon, so Hannah thinks). Hannah has got the gun laying on her kitchen counter. She picks up her cellphone and calls Aria, twice, she doesn’t answer (clearly Aria doesn’t understand how the concept of checking in works), she calls Spencer who is rude (one track mind that girl) and hangs up on her. Hannah wraps the gun and puts it her bag ( that totally isn’t going to backfire).

Spencer walks up some geeky guy sitting at a information table, she ask if he can help her figure out where the number she has came from, at first he hesitates and they banter back and forth, he assumes she is looking for some guy, Spencer says she isn’t , he tells her she has crazy eyes, she says they only look a little crazy. Spencer then looks at him with her eyes ( it’s like she is saying look at my crazy eyes). He takes the number and tells her the number comes from Greek Row. Spencer ask him if he knows where I on Greek Row, he says he doesn’t know and al least that gives the bastard a fighting chance ( male or female no one has a chance against Spencer when she is in the zone). Then she says some Games of Thrones references ( Spencer out, drops her mic and walks away).

Byron and Ella are talking about how she needs to go on this trip, because spending time in Europe has always been her dream (Iceland doesn’t count), how she is a good person and deserves to be happy, that he can handle the kids and that Mike is okay with her going. (It’s actually sweet, you can tell Byron means every word he is saying).

Spencer and Emily are headed to a sorority party. Emily thinks her outfit may be slutty. Spencer assures her the sluttier the better, Spencer continues to go on and on and on about the phone number, she whips out a pic of Ali for Emily to show people. Emily tells her that she isn’t there for that, she really wants to try and get into that college. Spencer starts being rude and tells Emily that explains that batting of the eyelashes and the flirting and the not telling the Pimp she is gay. Emily gets upset and throws Spencer’s taking her top off to get back into the debate thing in her face. Before it gets really bad all these sorority girls come out and start singing. (It’s really weird).

Hannah is coming down the stairs, and Ashley ask her where she is going. Hannah tells her she didn’t know that she was home and that she was going to call her from the car. Ashley ask where she is going that she needs the overnight bag. Hannah tells her she is going to meet Emily and Spencer at the college, that her mom was right and that she needed to look. Ashley buys it, she tells Hannah to be careful, Hannah walks to the door and tells her mom she will call her later. Hannah leaves.

Emily is talking to one of the sorority girls at the top of the stairs, she is asking her how she applies to get in. She has to meet with all the girls. Emily notices a paddle on the wall. The sorority girls tells her it belonged to Mrs.Grunwald, the house mother, she was before the girls time, apparently she was unpleasant. She the takes Emily to see the new flat screen TV.

Spencer is roaming around asking people if they have ever seen Ali. She notices Emily, she sees the Pimp walk up to Emily and offer to get her a drink, Emily accepts and walks off with him. Spencer continues to walk around asking people about Ali. She notices a number on a door by a phone (a old school one hanging on the wall). Hannah walks up behind her. Spencer ask her what she is doing there. Hannah says she is looking for her and ask where Emily is, Spencer has no idea. Hannah tells her that she needs both of the now. Spencer ask why. Hannah walks a few steps and then shows Spencer the gun. Spencer ask her if its real and why she would bring it to a sorority party. Hannah tells her because its thee gun that killed Wilden and that she found it in her moms closet. Spencer tells her she needs to give it back to her dad. Hannah tells her no, she doesn’t want to give him the chance to,turn her mom in, it’s better to dump it miles from Rosewood, that if the cops ask her dad if he knows where it is he won’t have to lie to lie. Spencer tells her Hannah she needs to sit down and that she will go look for Emily. She sits down in a chair. Spencer takes off in search of Emily. She ask the sorority girl if she has seen her. She points her in the direction of upstairs and tells her she went that way with some guy. Spencer goes to each room calling Emily. Some drunk girls run into her and she hits a door. She opens it and goes in. She walks towards the back goes around the corner and turns in a light. She turns off the radio and sees a phone. Spencer takes the cord and plugs it into the phone line. Spencer picks it up and gets a dial tone. Spencer dials a number. Arias phone rings and she sees the number. She walks away from her family and answers it. Arias ask who it is. Spencer replies it isn’t Tippy the bird.

Aria is outside on the porch talking with Spencer. Spencer tells her she is in some kind of a bunker or a panic room. Aria ask why the number would lead there. Spencer says she doesn’t know and that maybe Ali stayed there. Aria rightly points out that Ali wouldn’t be calling herself. Spencer tells her she needs to go that she needs to find Hannah and Emily. Aria ask why Hannah is there ( gee Aria if you had answered your phone earlier you would know wouldn’t you?) Spencer tells her again that she needs to go, she hangs up. Spencer walks over by a door and she sees claw marks in it. She puts her fingers on them, shivers and leaves the room.

Hannah is still sitting in the chair when two guys knock some Cheetos on her. They apologize. She gets up,and grabs a beer glass and takes off outside. Emily is still with the Pimp. He offers to get her another drink, she says sure, she looks up and sees Hannah, she takes off after her. Emily is standing outside when the Pimp comes up to her and ask what’s going on, Emily tells him she saw a friend of hers and needs to look for her. He offers to help. Emily finally comes clean and tells him that not only is she seeing someone but that she is gay. He still offers to,help. Emily says that’s ok,she will look by herself. He watches her walk away (it’s kind of creepy).

Spencer comes back downstairs and sees that Hannah is gone. Spencer heads outside. Emily is wondering around the woods and you see someone in a black hoodie following her. It’s just a fake out, it’s just a college guy, he sprays her with silly string. Spencer is walking around looking worried. Spencer and Emily run into each other, Spencer tells her they need to find Hannah.

Meanwhile Hannah is in the woods digging up dirt with with the beer mug she grabbed. Hannah goes to put the gun in the hole when all these cops show up and have her lay down with her hands where they can see them. They handcuff her. They are walking her to the cop car when Emily and Spencer come up to try and see her. They put Hannah in the back of the car. Emily and Spencer get a text, they look down at Spencer’s phone: Just a friendly tip. Maybe Hannah and mom can share a lawyer. Kisses-A.

A is having a cup of tea (with honey of course). A picks up a picture and wipes off a face and a name. The face belongs to Carla Grunwald.(hmmmmm, I think it’s time I go back and watch all the A tags, and start looking for clues).