Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 9 REVIEW “Into the Deep”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 9 REVIEW “Into the Deep”

Last night was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you. On last night’s show Mona is sitting in a interrogation rooming giving her “confession” about killing Wilden. The cop tries to trip her up by saying she shot Wilden three times. Mona says no I shot him twice. She then goes on to confess to sneaking out of Radley many times. She pulls out all the stops, fake tears the whole nine, cop tells her he will be back in a sec. Soon as he leaves the room Mona quits pretending (clever as a fox this one).

Spencer and Hanna are laying in Spencer’s living room when Veronica comes in. She tells the girls she can’t believe that Mona is devious enough to confess to a crime she didn’t commit (really?). Spencer says maybe Mona really did do it. Hannah kind of just stays quiet. Veronica precedes to tell them she hopes they didn’t put Mona up to it because if they did it will do Ashley more harm than good. Spencer tells her mom that they didn’t. Veronica leaves. Spencer tells Hannah to please tell her she had nothing to do with it. Hannah just stares at Spencer guiltily and says nothing.

Aria is sitting out on her porch looking in her living room window at Jake getting dressed. She tells Spencer she hears every thing she is telling her, you can tell Aria is not listening to a single word. Apparently Jake spent the night, no worries though he slept on the couch. Aria tells Spencer she needs to go so she can talk to Jake before he leaves. Aria hangs up her phone and goes back in the house. Aria goes in the house and tells Jake she needs to go and meet Spencer. Jake tells her he was hoping they could grab breakfast at the grill. Aria explains (lies) that Spencer is helping her cram for a history test. Jake convinces her to go by the brew and get a coffee on her way to meet Spencer.

Emily and Paige are on a walking trail. Emily is talking about Mona and how she is sure that she will drag her and the rest of the girls into “this” (personally I would be more concerned about what “this” is). Paige wants to stop talking about Mona and focus on the fact that it is Emily’s birthday. Not till tomorrow Emily reminds her. Paige whips out a little box from her jogging suit pants and hands it to Emily. Inside is a business card Dominic Russo is his name and coaching swimmers is his game. Paige made Emily a appointment with him so Emily can find out what her options are. Emily isn’t so sure what with her injury and all. Paige paints a picture for Emily of their future together and now perfect it will be. Emily tells Paige that she will go.

Aria and Jake are discussing her being home alone again while waiting on coffee at the muffin mans. Aria tells Jake her dad gets home that afternoon and that it will be family movie night. Across the way are Ezra and Maggie. Maggie is trying to tell him that she will be going back to college to get her Masters in education. Ezra is to distracted by Aria and Jake to focus, that is until Maggie explains that she will be going to the University of Washington. Ezra is not happy with the thought of Maggie taking Malcom to Washington.
Ashley is talking with Hannah and Veronica about how no one confesses to a crime they didn’t commit ( Mona isn’t exactly your average no one she lives in a hyper reality or something like that), Hannah tells her mom she thinks Mona was just trying to help. Veronica says whatever Mona was trying to do got the Judges attention and that she has decided to post bail for Ashley. The bad news is since Wilden was a cop bail is set at one million dollars (said in Dr. Evils voice). Hannah looks devastated (bet she would eat all the pig cupcakes in the world if A would throw some money her way).

Emily is with the swimming coach in Philly (always wondered what happened to Antonio after he left Llanview), anyway they go in is office and he tells Emily to have a seat he tells her that he is very strict. Dominic makes them practice six days a week four in the pool and one in weight training. He would also monitor what she eats and drinks and how many hours she sleeps, he wants to know if she is scared yet. (Emily is just sitting there like ummmm no, I have a crazy stalker named A who’s done way worse stuff to me than any of that, I’m good). Dominic wants to look at her recruiting video. Emily takes it out and hands it to him.

Hannah is on the phone with her dad asking him to get up 10% of the bail so her mom can come home. Naturally Tom being father of the year and all…I kid…tells Hannah he can’t get it. Hannah is crying and telling him he can’t leave Ashley in jail. I’m sure he tells Hannah watch me or something along those lines. Hannah hangs up. Pastor Ted who has been watching from a distance walks up to her and ask her how she is. Hannah turns away wipes her tears and says she is ok. Ted tells her he has left a few messages for Hannah. Hannah tells him she knows but she has been busy. Hannah explains the situation and tells him her dad is a jerk….oh wait…that’s what I wish she would tell him…my mistake. Ted tells her she just needs to have faith. Hannah tells him no actually what she needs is money, a cool one hundred grand to be exact. Ted watches Hannah as she walks away (bet he gets the money and post Ashley’s bail).

Ezra and Maggie are at Ezra’s apartment packing up some of Malcom’s things. Ezra is trying to convince Maggie to leave Malcom with him while she goes to Washington to look for apartments. Maggie finally gives in and agrees to bring Malcom by that morning before she goes to the airport. Ezra wants to know if she has talked to Malcom about moving yet. Maggie tells Ezra she hasn’t but she will. Ezra thinks Malcom would be better off staying in Rosewood with him. Maggie tells him no because the only person Malcom has ever really had is her. Ezra informs Maggie that isn’t his fault. Maggie gets upset and tells Ezra that on second thought she thinks it would be better for Malcom to go with her to Washington next weekend. Maggie leaves.

Spencer and Aria are walking through the school hallway. Aria tells Spencer that Hannah is convinced Mona confessed as a way to write all her wrongs. Spencer ask when Mona has ever done anything out of the goodness of her heart. Aria ask what heart. They walk down to Arias locker and she opens it to get out her birthday present for Emily. Its a picture of Emily and Paige that Aria took. Spencer thinks Mona may tell the cops that they bullied her into saying she did it. Aria tells Spencer that they need to go, that she told Paige they would be at her aunts house in twenty minutes. As they go to turn the corner they hear Jenna talking to Shana. Jenna tells Shana that they know she is hiding something. Shana tells Jenna if that were true she would still be at the police station answering questions ( that explains Jenna’s sudden and always welcome appearance), Jenna tells Shana she should have told them what she knows about Alison(hmmmmmm….) Shana tells her it’s to dangerous. Jenna counters by saying its to dangerous not to say anything at this point. Shana tells her to just give her a little more time to find her (CeCe? Has to be because at this point that girls all over this season even though we haven’t seen her, which reminds me she is the one that called and threatened Jenna that one time she took Emily’s phone). Jenna tells Shana she doesn’t have much time left. (That’s no good). Shana tells her she isn’t leaving her side till she takes Jenna back to Philly in the morning, and that it will all be over soon (hopefully not in the way it’s over for most people on this show). Shana stands up and then leads Jenna off. Spencer and Aria look at each other in shock and wonder.

Veronica walks into Hannah’s house with Ashley. Hanna runs to her mom and hugs her. Veronica tells Hannah her mom has a guardian angel ( close, Ted bailed her out I just know it). Ashley thinks Hannah’s dad did it anonymously so he could get around his wife. Hannah has all her moms favorite things laying out on the counter in the kitchen. Ashley is wearing and ankle bracelet. She is stuck in her house unless she is going to a court date or a medical appointment. Veronica also tells her she isn’t allowed to drink ( that last one is a doozy for Ashley, you know how much she loves her wine).

Emily is listening while the Dominic tells her all the things she does wrong while swimming. Emily tries to defend herself. He tells her she has potential. He tells her he can help her if she is willing to let him. Emily tells him yes just as soon as her shoulder heals. He looks surprised. Paige didn’t tell him. Dominic tells Emily that even without surgery he wouldn’t put her in the pool for six months and he can’t guarantee she would be ready to look into scholarships by then. Emily ask him what her odds are. Dominic tells her they are slim. Dominic tells Emily he is sorry.

Aria and Spencer are at Paige’s aunts helping put the food out for the party. Aria ask Spencer is she is crazy or did she hear Jenna say that Alison is alive (first half of the question is loaded). Spencer says or Jenna knows who killed her, either way this could lead to A and who framed Hannah’s mom. Aria tells Spencer that Jenna just isn’t going to tell them ( I’m in agreement with that statement). Spencer thinks she might if they can pry her away from Shana (still going with not going to happen). Spencer thinks Jenna is vulnerable right now (vulnerable? Jenna? Don’t think so). Aria wonders how you go from seeing to not seeing. Spencer tells her that the surgery Jenna got has a low success rate. Aria ask if Toby had any luck with that number Spencer gave him. Spencer tells her he found a empty apartment and that the landlord told him it was rented out to a girl, he wouldn’t give Toby the name but did give him a forwarding address. Aria wants to know where to. Spencer tells her a p.o. box in Philly (Melissa?). Spencer tells Aria Toby is on his way back from New York. Paige comes in and the girls ask her if the whole swim team is coming. Paige says everyone but Shana. They want her to call and invite Shana because until tomorrow morning wherever Shana goes Jenna goes.

Ezra is at Spencer’s. Veronica gives him a card for a family lawyer. Ezra wants to try and stop Maggie from leaving with Malcom. Ezra ask Veronica what his chances are. Veronica tells him he doesn’t have any rights until paternity is established. Veronica ask him if he is sure he wants to go through with this. Ezra tells her yes.

Parties going full swing at Paige’s aunts place. Aria is walking through the crowd talking on her phone to Hannah. They hang up and she runs into Paige. Paige ask where Spencer is. Aria isn’t sure, Paige ask Aria to help her get everybody to hide since Emily will be there in a few minutes. Aria is helping when she notices Jake came with a blonde girl. Aria is surprised but manages to hide just in time. Paige opens the door for Emily. Emily walks in and starts to question Paige but then everybody jumps out and yells surprise.

Aria walks up to Paige and tells her some chick is trying to make a bong out of her aunts teapot (lol). Paige heads off to divert the teapot crisis. Aria ask Emily if she knew Paige was going to plan this. Emily tells her no that Paige has been full of surprises lately. Aria tells her she has another one for her, Jenna is back and she is knocking into walls. (Still mean girling her I see).

Ashley opens her front door and Ted is standing outside. He brought her a welcome home pie ( because as we all know everything goes with pie). Ted tells her he tried to see her when she was locked up but they wouldn’t let him in. Ashley tells him that they were honoring her request, that she didn’t want to see anyone. Ted tells her when she settles in he would like to take her to dinner. Ashley tells him it will have to be at her house and then shows him her ankle bracelet. Ted tells her anything looks good on her. She invites him to stay for pie.

Shana and Jenna are sitting in Jenna’s car. Jenna is upset Shana has dragged her to a party where she has to see “them”. Shana tells her she needs to see the swim coach in order to make a good impression. Shana caresses Jenna’s hair and tells her she will be with her the whole time and that they will be in and out.

Aria is inside watching Jake with the blonde. Spencer notices and goes up to her and ask her why she doesn’t go up to him and say hi. Aria declines. Spencer asks her if she is jealous. Aria answers no way to quickly. Just then Shana and Jenna walk in.

Emily is sitting on the dock. Paige comes and sits down next to her. Emily ask her why she didn’t tell Dominic that she was hurt. Paige tells her that she wanted to make sure he would see her. They go back and forth for a bit then Emily ask Paige what she thinks will happen if she doesn’t go to Stanford with her. Paige tears up and tells her that 3000 miles is a long way and four years is a long time and that a lot can happen. Emily tells her they have to face facts that they aren’t going to be together next year. They both start crying.

Inside Jenna is asking Shana if her coach is there. Shana tells her not yet. Spencer and Aria walk up and tell Shan they are assembling the swim team for a pic. Shana tells her they will go outside when everybody else does. Spencer says ok and they walk away. Spencer tells Aria to watch them while she gets everybody for the picture.

Back over at Hannah’s she is calling her dad and leaving him a voicemail for helping her get out of jail. Hannah ask him to call her back when he gets the message. Hannah puts her phone down. It starts to ring, it’s Mona. Hannah tells her she has been trying to get a hold of her all day. Mona tells her she can’t be on the phone long (she is packing a black bag, probably going back for a stay at Radley…lol). Mona tells her she just wanted to see if Ashley was home on bail. Hannah tells her yes. Mona says your welcome and hangs up the phone. Mona picks up the bag off her bed, looks around her room,and sighs. (Mona out).

Aria is keeping her eyes on Shana and Jenna. Jake walks up to her and says hi. Aria gets all jealous girl and ask him twenty questions about the blonde (Kim is her name for those of you wondering). Jake ask her if she is jealous she tells him no why would she be they aren’t dating. Spencer text her and tells her not to let Jenna leave. Aria tells Jake she needs to find Spencer. Jake looking frustrated says he needs to get back to Kim. Aria watches him walk away. When she turns back around Shana and Jenna are gone (damn it Aria you were just asked to do one simple thing). Aria takes off to,look for them.

Paige and Emily are still on the dock. Paige tells Emily a lot of people came to see her. Paige ask her if she can go back in and pretend to have a good time. Emily tells Paige that she can do that. They get up and head back in.

Jenna is standing with Jenna at the buffet table. Jenna is super nervous. Jenna tells her they have been there for half a hour and she wants to leave. Shana tells her she hasn’t seen the coach yet. Jenna says her teammates can tell the coach Shana was there. Shana puts down her plate of food and starts leading Jenna out the door when Aria catches up to her. Aria tells her she knows Jenna doesn’t like her but if she knows anything about Alison she needs to tell her. Jenna thinks differently and tells her so. Jenna takes off. Paige comes out with the birthday cake and Jenna and Shana get separated.

Ashley and Ted are putting the dishes in her sink. Ted tells her he needs to go. Ashley tells Ted about her and Wilden. Ashley tells him she saw Wilden the night he was murdered. Ted says he knows Ashley didnt kill him. Ted hugs her. He tells her he will drop,off dinner for her and Hannah tomorrow night. Ted tells her not to run he has a lot riding on her (ha told ya ).

Aria ask Emily if she has seen Spencer. Emily tells her spencer went outside looking for Jenna. Aria heads that way, Emily tell her to wait and that she will go with her. They are walking all around looking for her. They run into Jake who is leaving. Aria and him start talking and Emily turns to go back and look,for Spencer. Emily notices someone in the water and starts screaming Spencer she runs in and grabs them and turns them over its Jenna. Jake runs in and helps Emily pull her out. Spencer and Shana come running out. Jenna isn’t breathing and Emily says for someone to call 911. The paramedics are loading her onto the ambulance and she has a breathing mask on. Aria wonders if someone pushed her in. Emily says she thinks they hit her in the head first and shows them the blood on her coat cuff. Shana is looking back at them as the paramedics leave with Jenna.

Hannah is pacing in her room talking on the phone. Hannah ask if she is going to be ok. Ashley knocks on the door and Hannah gets off the phone. Ashley ask who she was talking to, Hannah says she was wishing Emily a Happy Birthday. Ashley tells her Ted is the one who posted her bail not Hannah’s dad.

Emily is sitting on a bed at Paige’s aunts wondering who would want to hurt Jenna. Emily is sure who ever did it is trying to make sure they don’t find out what Jenna knows about Alison.

Aria is at her house with Jake. Jake tells Aria he knew her life was complicated but he didn’t know it was anything like this. Aria tells him that her Jenna and Mona go way back and if she told him everything they would be there till she graduated. Aria tells Jake she feels safe when she is with him. Jake kisses her.

Paige walks up to the bed and ask Emily if she is asleep. Emily’s eyes are open but she doesn’t say anything.

Spencer gets off the elevator and she sees Shana. Spencer ask her if she has seen Toby. Shana tells her he is with his parents talking to the doctor. Shana tells Spencer that Jenna still isn’t conscious. Spencer ask her who did that to Jenna. Shana tells her all she knows is nothing good comes from being around you four. Spencer tells her that her or Shanna could be next. Spencer ask her if it was Ali. Shana tells her Alison is dead. The nurse comes out and motions for Shana. Spencer ask Shana who Jenna is so afraid of. Shana tells her CeCe Drake (hate to say I told you so but….).

I said it and it was so…I’m magic. Mona is back at Radley and in her old room nonetheless. She looks at the desk and runs her hands over the carving “Will the Circle be Unbroken?” She walks over to the bed and gets that devious Mona smile (girl is back on her A game).

Outside Alison’s house Red Coat is watching someone in one of the rooms upstairs. They turn off the light and she sneaks up by the side of the house. Red Coat takes out a screwdriver and starts removing a piece of the wood.

A is drinking wine and some has dripped out of the bottle and gathered on the floor like puddles of blood. A sits down at a piano and starts playing a song called anytime. A puts a post it on the music and puts it in a Manila folder with Toby’s name on it. (You know who else plays the piano? Aria….just saying….)

2 more episodes to go till the summer finale. Next week Wren is back looking equal parts sketch and hot.  Check out 2 sneak peeks below of next week’s episode.