Prince Charles Tells Camilla Parker-Bowles That She’ll Never Be Queen: Prince William and Kate Middleton get the Throne

Prince Charles Tells Camilla Parker-Bowles That She'll Never Be Queen: Prince William and Kate Middleton To Be Chosen

Ah, to be a fly on the wall in Clarence House. There was a recent conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles that will go down in Royal history as a total game changer. While Camilla has spent the last 30 plus years waiting for the moment when she can ascend the throne as Queen beside Charles, he has now made it abundantly clear that he has another plan all together. According to the Nov. 18th print edition of National Enquirer Charles has thought long and hard about his birthright and he is keenly aware that Queen Elizabeth’s days are likely numbered.

After the birth of Prince George it really clicked for Charles just how beloved his son Prince William and Kate Middleton really are. They are also widely respected and now as parents they are more in touch with the problems facing young families. All of this caused Charles to decide that even if his mother abdicates he will pass the crown onto William because it is in the best interest of the country that he loves.

Needless to say, Cami didn’t take this news well at all. It may be Charles’ birthright to be King but for some reason Camilla feels absolutely entitled to the position of Queen and it’s a seat that absolutely no one wants to see her take. Camilla is insisting that Charles keep the crown but as of now the warring couple is deadlocked in battle. Camilla has made his life an embarrassing hell with her drunken rages and then there are those recent topless photos that hit the internet. If Charles wants to get revenge then killing Camilla’s chance of being queen is certainly the way to do it. Do you think his decision is rooted even a little bit in revenge? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • LadyJustice

    Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Camilla Parker-Bowles could NEVER/CAN be Queen. Regardless, If Prince Charles became King tomorrow. Camilla legally can’t hold the title. She would hold a title but Queen is not it. Do your homework please..

    • Victoria McGuire

      She would be titled as Royal Consort. Otherwise known as a mistress. Fitting

  • Tupelo

    I did not think her title would be queen.

  • Marie De Luz

    Does this writer know anything about how the united kingdom is run and it’s history because she definitely writes completely made up stories each day on “inside sources”. Hey I could do the same thing to tommorow about her life and claim it came from “inside sources”. The only thing I will ever believe comes from their own self or from the palace itself in an announcement. Other than that every other bit is complete trash. ..see this is what happens when we have 24 hour “news” they don’t have enough so they make up a good 75% of what they print online. Stories of celebrities and royals and of the most complete trash. I think I need to just stop going to these types of sites and maybe if people stop to then they can go away completely and actually learn to become proper journalist who does actually research and leg work to find out the truth and get their facts straight on what they are reporting on.

  • Arabella S

    It’s bad enough that idiot inbred Charles spends hours talking to plants but it’s of considerable concern that he has developed mentally disturbed sexual fantasies to be a diseased old whores TAMPAX! Camilla is a “female” who resembles primitive man in many respects. Large, graceless, hairy, uncouth, dirty, aggressive, revolting, unsophisticated, awkward, unintelligent and ghastly.