Prince Harry Proposing To Cressida Bonas Because She Was ‘Born To Be A Princess’

Prince Harry Proposing To Cressida Bonas Because She Was 'Born To Be A Princess' 0329

Is that why it took Prince William so long to propose to Kate Middleton… because she wasn’t?

But what is up with all the Windsor/Middleton siblings? Pippa Middleton’s picking out rings and talking babies with Nico Jackson and now Prince Harry is ready to propose to that leggy blond chic. Cressida Bonas is a cute little British girl but I didn’t think she would snag one of the most eligible bachelors in under a year. How did that happen? Is there more to this blue blood that I’m not seeing or is she just perfect on paper and that’s all Harry wants right now?

Cressida is so good for Harry and everyone loves her,” an insider told Grazia magazine. “She was born to be a princess. Everyone is talking wedding bells and we’re expecting an announcement before the year is out. Harry seems determined to prove how serious he is about her and that he’s in it for the long run. He knows she’s The One and they’ve started tentatively talking about the inevitable next step. It’s nerve-wracking, but they’re both madly in love.”

Oh, come the f-ck on. A royal baby and another royal engagement by the end of year? Bitch please. Queen Liz will never let that go done. She knows as well as anyone that the monarchy is on a high and she needs to drag that shit out. Even if Harry was serious (which I doubt because this is Grazia) she’d make him wait because she knows he’s impetuous and she knows it will keep the people’s love and interest to stagger Princess Diana’s boys’ happiness.

And what is this born to be a princess nonsense? She’s rich. So what? You’d think the royal PR people wouldn’t want to work that angle. No one is a fan of entitlement right now. That’s what makes Kate so endearing to the public. She’s just like us! Whatever. We know she’s not but we bought into the fairy tale. Cressida might have some issues if she doesn’t follow suit. If I were her I’d get a job. People like those. I’d also get a pic with a pregnant Kate or make sure I was caught holding that baby the second it’s born. Better yet, plant stories that Kate asked you in the delivery room. I’ve said it before. That baby is like magic. If the people are going to condone a Prince Harry engagement to Cressida Bonas that baby is going to have to bless the match first.

What do you think? Is this all bullshit? Are we just waiting for Chelsy Davy to come in and screw things up?

Photo Credit: FlynetUK/ Wilkins

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